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Applications of Differential-Algebraic Equations: Examples and Benchmarks, 1st ed. 2019 Differential-Algebraic Equations Forum Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Campbell Stephen, Ilchmann Achim, Mehrmann Volker, Reis Timo

Couverture de l’ouvrage Applications of Differential-Algebraic Equations: Examples and Benchmarks

This volume encompasses prototypical, innovative and emerging examples and benchmarks of Differential-Algebraic Equations (DAEs) and their applications, such as electrical networks, chemical reactors, multibody systems, and multiphysics models, to name but a few. Each article begins with an exposition of modelling, explaining whether the model is prototypical and for which applications it is used. This is followed by a mathematical analysis, and if appropriate, a discussion of the numerical aspects including simulation. Additionally, benchmark examples are included throughout the text.

Mathematicians, engineers, and other scientists, working in both academia and industry either on differential-algebraic equations and systems or on problems where the tools and insight provided by differential-algebraic equations could be useful, would find this book resourceful.

General Nonlinear Differential Algebraic Equations and Tracking Problems: A Robotics Example.- DAE Aspects in Vehicle Dynamics and Mobile Robotics.- Open-loop Control of Underactuated Mechanical Systems Using Servo-constraints: Analysis and Some Examples.- Systems of Differential Algebraic Equations in Computational Electromagnetics.- Gas Network Benchmark Models.- Topological Index Analysis Applied to Coupled Flow Networks.- Nonsmooth DAEs with Applications in Modeling Phase Changes.- Continuous, Semi-Discrete, and Fully Discretized Navier-Stokes Equations.

Gives benchmark examples for differential-algebraic equations from various sciences 
Shows how state of the art techniques involving DAEs can be applied to various, challenging problems
Can be used as a companion book in applied courses in several disciplines

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Ouvrage de 290 p.

15.5x23.5 cm

Disponible chez l'éditeur (délai d'approvisionnement : 15 jours).

Prix indicatif 63,29 €

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