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Data Analytics in Football Positional Data Collection, Modelling and Analysis

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Data Analytics in Football provides students, researchers and coaches with a firm grounding in the principles of modern performance analysis. It offers an insight into the use of positional data, exploring how it can be collected, modelled, analysed and interpreted. Introducing cutting-edge methods, the book challenges long-held assumptions and encourages a new way of thinking about football analysis.


Based on data collected from the German Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League, the book seeks to define the role of positional data in football match analysis by exploring topics such as:

    • What is positional data analysis and how did it emerge from conventional match analysis?
    • How can positional data be collected and which technologies can be used?
    • What are the benefits of a data-driven approach to decision making in football?
    • What Key Performance Indicators based on positional data should be used?
    • How can traditional match analysis be complemented by using positional data and advanced KPIs?
    • How can these new methods evolve in the future?


Accessibly written, packed full of examples from elite football and supplemented with expert interviews (Ralf Rangnick, Urs Siegenthaler and others), Data Analytics in Football is a thought-provoking, rigorously evidence-based guide to the use of data analytics in football performance analysis. As such, it is a vital resource for any student, researcher or coach interested in performance analysis and skill acquisition, or anyone interested in football more generally.

Preface by Hansi Flick

Preface by Ralf Rangnick


1 Where is the revolution?

2 A historical perspective on positional data

3 Technological background

4 Collecting data in the Bundesliga

5 In search of the Holy Grail

6 Betting and Sports Analytics

7 Where are they running?

8 From media to storytelling

9 Key properties of long-term success in football

10 The key to success

11 Reasons for dominance

12 FCB versus FCB

13 The myth of the home advantage

14 Managerial influence

15 All on attack

16 Laws of a derby

17 Who is nominated for the FIFA World Cup 2018?

18 Summary


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