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Bubble and Drop Interfaces Progress in Colloid and Interface Science Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Miller Reinhard, Liggieri Libero

Couverture de l’ouvrage Bubble and Drop Interfaces

This book describes the most important experimental methods for characterizing liquid interfaces, such as drop profile analysis, bubble pressure and drop volume tensiometry, capillary pressure technique, and oscillating drops and bubbles. It presents practical experimental details as well as the underlying theoretical bases. In addition, the book covers a number of applications based on drops and bubbles, such as rising bubbles and the complex process of flotation. It also offers a discussion on wetting, characterized by the dynamics of advancing contact angles.

Reinhard Miller, Libero Liggieri

Determination of Interfacial Properties by the Pendant Drop Tensiometry
Giuseppe Loglio, Piero Pandolfini, Libero Liggieri, Alexander V. Makievski, Francesca Ravera

Advances in Calculation Methods for the Determination of Surface Tensions in Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry
S. A. Zholob, A. V. Makievski, R. Miller, V. B. Fainerman

Axisymmetric Drop Shape Analysis with Anisotropic Interfacial Stresses
James K. Ferri, Paulo A. L. Fernandes

Maximum Bubble Pressure Tensiometry
V. B. Fainerman, R. Miller

Drop Volume Tensiometry
A. Javadi, V. B. Fainerman, R. Miller

Studies in Capillary Pressure Tensiometry and Interfacial Dilational Rheology
V. I. Kovalchuk, F. Ravera, G. Loglio, A. Javadi, N. M. Kovalchuk, J. Krägel

Direct Determination of Protein and Surfactant Adsorption by Drop and Bubble Profile Tensiometry
V. B. Fainerman, R. Miller

Coaxial Capillary Pendant Drop Experiments with Subphase Exchange
James K. Ferri, Ashley D. Cramer, Csaba Kotsmar, Reinhard Miller

Wetting Dynamics of Aqueous Solutions on Solid Surfaces
Victoria Dutschk

Bubbles Rising in Solutions; Local and Terminal Velocities, Shape Variations and Collisions with Free Surface
K. Malysa, J. Zawala, M. Krzan, M. Krasowska

Surface Tension Measurement of Polymer Melts in Supercritical Fluids
H. Wei, R. B. Thompson, C. B. Park, P. Chen

Accumulation of Surfactant in the Top Foam Layer Caused by Ruptured Foam Films
S. S. Dukhin, V. I. Kovalchuk, E. V. Aksenenko, R. Miller

Particle–Bubble Interaction in Flotation
Anh V. Nguyen

Experimental Observation of Drop–Drop Coalescence in Liquid–Liquid Systems
Giuseppe Loglio, Piero Pandolfini, Francesca Ravera, Robert Pugh, Alexander V. Makievski,Aliyar Javadi, Reinhard Miller

The Tensiograph Platform for Optical Measurement
N. D. McMillan, S. R. P. Smith, M. O’Neill, K. Tiernan, D. Morrin, P. Pringuet, G. Doyle, B.O’Rourke, A. C. Bertho, J. Hammond, D. D. G. McMillan, S. Riedel, D. Carbery, A. Augousti,N. Wüstneck, R. Wüstneck, F. Colin, P. Hennerbert, G. Pottecher, D. Kennedy, N. Barnett

Emulsification with Micro-Structured Membranes and Micro-Engineered Systems
R. M. Boom, C. G. P. H. Schroën

Manipulation of Droplets onto a Planar Interface
T. Gilet, D. Terwagne, N. Vandewalle, S. Dorbolo

Interfacial Mass Transfer of Growing Drops in Liquid–Liquid Systems
A. Javadi, D. Bastani, M. Taeibi-Rahni, M. Karbaschi, R. Miller

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