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Pediatric Urogenital Radiology (3rd Ed., 3rd ed. 2018) Diagnostic Imaging Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Riccabona Michael

Couverture de l’ouvrage Pediatric Urogenital Radiology

This third edition of Pediatric Urogenital Radiology has been thoroughly updated to take account of the recent advances in the imaging and treatment of pediatric nephro-urologic disorders that have been achieved over the past years. A number of new chapters have been included on topics such as the role of ultrasound and MRI for urogenital imaging in the fetus and the use of contrast media in childhood. Other chapters have been extensively revised or rewritten, while information that continues to be pertinent has been retained. 

The book describes in detail all aspects of pediatric urogenital radiology. It is written primarily from the point of view of the radiologist, but also includes essential clinical information from and for the pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, and urologist. It is specifically designed to aid the clinician in making decisions on imaging management, and to help the radiologist to understand the clinical background and needs. The newest techniques and the changing relevance of imaging and interventional procedures are described, and the diverse problems associated with the changing anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology from the newborn period to adulthood are explained. The whole spectrum of imaging features of agenesis, anomalies and malformations, dysplasia, parenchymal and cystic diseases, urolithiasis, neoplastic diseases, renal vascular hypertension, renal failure, renal transplantation, pre-and postoperative imaging, and genitourinary trauma is covered. Individual chapters are devoted to vesicoureteric reflux, urinary tract infection, congenital urinary tract dilatation, upper urinary tract dilatation, voiding dysfunction, and neurogenic bladder. A chapter on the clinical management of common nephrourologic disorders explains how imaging is embedded in the whole process of clinical management. Short conclusions are included at the end of chapters and sections to highlight the key information.

Part I: Diagnostic Procedures: Basic diagnostic Procedures.- Urogenital MRI and MR-Urography in Childhood.- Nuclear Medicine.- Video-Urodynamics.- Nomenclature.- Contrast media in childhood – application and safety considerations.- Part II: Fetal findings, Embryology, Anatomy, Normal variants: Urinary Tract Embryology, Anatomy, and Anatomical Variants.- Urogenital fetal imaging: US and MRI.- Anomalies of Kidney Rotation, Position and Fusion.- Part III: Clinical basics – what the uroradiologist needs to know: Genetics in Nephrourology.- Cystic Kidney Disease, Renal Agenesis, Dysplasia, Hypoplasia.- Renal parenchymal diseases.- UTI and VUR.- Congenital hydronephrosis and obstructive uropathy.- Surgical procedures and indications for surgery.- Urolithaisis and nephrocalcinosis.- Renal failure, and renal transplantation.- Part IV: Lower Urinary Tract Anomalies, Malformations and Dysfunctions: Abnormalities of the Lower Urinary Tract and Urachus.- Urogenital Sinus and Female Genital Anomalies.- Imaging in male genital queries.- Urinary Problems Associated with Imperforate Anus.- Epispadias-Exstrophy Complex.- Nonneurogenic Bladder-Sphincter Dysfunction in Infants and Children (“Voiding Dysfunction”).- Neurogenic Bladder in Infants and Children (Neurogenic Bladder-Sphincter Dysfunction).- Part V: Congenital malformations: Congenital Anomalies of the Renal Pelvis and Ureter.- Upper Urinary Tract Dilatation in Newborns and Infants, including the Postnatal Workup of Congenital Uronephropathies.- Imaging in Prune Belly and other Syndromes affecting the Urogenital Tract.- Vesicoureteric Reflux.- Urinary Tract Infection.- Imaging in Renal Agenesis, Dysplasia, Hypoplasia and Cystic Diseases of the Kidney.- Imaging in Renal Parenchymal Diseases.- Imaging in Urolithiasis and Nephrocalcinosis.- Postoperative Imaging and Findings.- Imaging in Renal Failure, neonatal Oligoanuria, and Renal Transplantation.- Renovascular Hypertension.- Urinary Tract Trauma.- Renal Neoplasms.- Pediatric Genitourinary Intervention.- Clinical Management of and Imaging algorithms in Common Nephrourologic Disorders (Guidelines and Beyond).- Normal Values.

Michael Riccabona, MD, University Hospital Graz, Department of Radiology, Division of Pediatric Radiology, Graz, Austria.

Describes in detail all aspects of pediatric uroradiology

Provides essential information not only for the pediatric radiologist, but also for the pediatrician, pediatric surgeon, and urologist

Revised and extended to encompass the most recent advances in imaging and treatment

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17.8x25.4 cm

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