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Nuclear Safeguards, Security, and Nonproliferation (2nd Ed.) Achieving Security with Technology and Policy

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Doyle James

Couverture de l’ouvrage Nuclear Safeguards, Security, and Nonproliferation

Nuclear Safeguards, Security and Nonproliferation, Second Edition, is a comprehensive reference that covers cutting-edge technologies used to trace, track, and safeguard nuclear material. The book is divided into 3 sections and includes chapters on such topics as the security of nuclear facilities and material, the illicit trafficking of nuclear materials, improvised nuclear devices, how to prevent nuclear terrorism. International case studies of security at nuclear facilities and illegal nuclear trade activities provide specific examples of the complex issues surrounding the technology and policy for nuclear material protection, control and accountability. New case studies include analysis of the timely issues in the nuclear programs of countries such as North Korea, Iran, and Kazakhstan among others. This is a thoroughly updated must-have volume for private and public organizations involved in driving national security, domestic, and international policy issues relating to nuclear material security, non-proliferation, and nuclear transparency.

  • Covers the continuing efforts to reduce the size of nuclear arsenals
  • Highlights the challenges of verifying nuclear weapons reduction
  • Summarizes the issues from the 2015 Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference
  • Illuminates the evolving status of nonproliferation and safeguards in Iran and DPRK

Part I: Nuclear Arms Reductions: The Status of Global Efforts 1. Global Nuclear Arsenals 1990-2018 Hans Kristensen 2. The Movement to Ban Nuclear Weapons Jennie Nielsen 3. Nuclear Weapon Free Zones Sara Z. Kutchesfahani 4. Technologies and Processes for Verified Nuclear Disarmament James Doyle 5. Case Study: The Iran Nuclear Deal Ariane M. Tabatabai and Darya Dolzikova 6. Confronting a Nuclear North Korea James Doyle

Part II: Technologies and Processes to Prevent Nuclear Proliferation and Strengthen Nuclear Materials Security 7. Nuclear Material Measurement and Control Mark Schanfein and Russell Johns 8. Perspectives on Security of Nuclear Material in Transport Mark Soo Hoo 9. International Safeguards Inspections Brian Boyer 10. Methodologies for Assessing Future Proliferation Threats Carol E. Kessler and Tracy Wilson

Part III: Preventing Nuclear Terrorism and Illicit Nuclear Trade 11. Case Study: The Nuclear Security Summit Process and its Outcomes Kelsey Davenport 12. Nuclear Materials Theft and Trafficking 1990-2015 Galya Balatsky 13. Clandestine Procurement Networks Ian Stewart 14. Field Detection of Nuclear Materials Mark Abhold

James E. Doyle has worked in the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division at Los Alamos National Laboratory since 1997. His professional focus is on systems analysis, strategic planning, and policy development. Dr. Doyle holds a Ph.D. in international security studies from the University of Virginia. He has managed cooperative projects with Russia’s nuclear weapons institutes on the development of technologies and procedures for monitoring the dismantlement and storage of nuclear warheads and fissile materials. Previously, Dr. Doyle was a senior policy analyst at Science Applications International Corporation.

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