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Supervision in the Hospitality Industry , 8th Edition

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Supervision in the Hospitality Industry

Supervision in the Hospitality Industry, 8th Edition focuses on the different roles of employees from beginning leaders, newly promoted supervisor, or anyone planning a career in the hospitality field. A market leader, this text is widely used by thousands of students training for a career in the hospitality industry and current hospitality supervisors alike. Supervision is unique in that it does not solely rely on the supervisor?s point of view; instead, it considers the viewpoints of all levels of associates to create an informed picture of management and supervision in the hospitality industry.


Chapter 1: The Supervisor as Manager

The Supervisor′s Role

Obligations and Responsibilities of a Supervisor

Functions of Management

Theories of People Management

Managerial Skills

Tips for New Supervisors

Chapter 2: The Supervisor as Leader

Characteristics of Leaders

The Nature of Leadership

Choosing a Leadership Style

Developing Your Own Style


The Supervisor as Mentor

Chapter 3: Planning, Organizing, and Goal Setting

The Nature of Planning

Types of Plans and Planning

Planning for Change

Planning Your Own Time

Organizing for Success

Chapter 4: Communicating Effectively

The Importance of Good Communication

Why Communication is So Important

Obstacles to Good Communication


Directing People at Work

Business Writing


Chapter 5: Equal Opportunity Laws and Diversity

Equal Opportunity in the Workplace

Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

EEO Laws and the Hiring Process

Equal Opportunity in the Workplace: What Leaders Need to Know

Why Does Cultural Diversity Matter?

How to Increase Personal Awareness

How to Recognize and Practice Cross–Cultural Interaction

Establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Program

Managing Diversity Issues Positively

Chapter 6: Recruitment, Selection, and Orientation

The Labor Market

Determining Labor Needs


Selecting the Right Person

Negligent Hiring


Chapter 7: Performance Effectiveness

Performance Improvement

Performance Standards

What a Good Performance Standard System Can Do

Setting Up a Performance Standard System

Implementing a Performance Standard System

Essentials of Performance Evaluation

Making the Evaluation

The Appraisal Interview


Legal Aspects of Performance Evaluation

Chapter 8: Motivation

Employee Expectations and Needs


Theories of Motivation

Applying Theory to Reality: Limiting Factors

Building a Positive Work Climate

Focus: The Individual

Motivational Methods

Focus: The Job––Providing an Attractive Job Environment

Focus: The Leader

Chapter 9: Supervising Teams, Teambuilding, and Coaching

What is a Team?

Working Together

Building Teams

Installing Total Quality Management

Empowering Employees

Overcoming Team Challenges


Chapter 10: Employee Training and Development

Importance of Training

Who Will Do the Training?

How Employees Learn Best

Developing a Job–Training Program


Overcoming Obstacles to Learning

Turnover and Retention

Chapter 11: Conflict Management, Resolution, and Prevention

What is Conflict?

Conflict Management

Conflict Resolution

Workplace Violence

Conflict Prevention

Chapter 12: Discipline

Essentials of Discipline

Approaches to Discipline

Administering Discipline


Employee Assistance Programs

Employee Safety


The Supervisor′s Key Role

Chapter 13: Decision Making and Control

Decision Making

How to Make Good Decisions

Problem Solving

Building Decision–Making Skills


Chapter 14: Delegating

What Delegation Means

Essentials of Delegation

Benefits of Delegation

Why People Resist Delegation

How to Delegate Successfully



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