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Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification of Multi-Physics Modeling of Nuclear Reactors Woodhead Publishing Series in Energy Series

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Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification in Multi-Physics Modeling of Nuclear Reactors is a key reference for those tasked with ensuring the credibility and reliability of engineering models and simulations for the nuclear industry and nuclear energy research. The book has a strong focus on the verification and validation procedures required for the emerging multi-physics M&S tools that have great potential for use in the licensing of new reactors, as well as for power uprating and life extensions of operating reactors.

The first part of the book provides an introduction to nuclear reactors and their simulation challenges, as well as revising key definitions, concepts and terminology. Part II then focuses on verification, covering code verification, solution verification and the frontier discipline of multi-physics coupling verification. The following chapters address model validation and its applications to single and multi-scale models, and are followed by an extensive section on uncertainty quantification, again covering both theory and practice. The final part of the book considers in depth how to apply best estimate plus uncertainty (BEPU) methods in safety analyses and design of nuclear reactors.

This essential and authoritative guide will greatly assist engineers, scientists, regulators and students in applying rigorous verification, validation and uncertainty quantification methodologies to the M&S tools used in the nuclear industry.

  • Uniquely - and crucially for nuclear engineers - directly demonstrates the application of verification, validation and uncertainty methodologies to the modeling and simulation (M&S) of nuclear reactors
  • Equips the reader to develop a rigorously defensible validation process irrespective of the particular M&S tool used
  • Brings the audience up-to-speed in validation methods for traditional M&S tools, then extends the discussion to the emerging area of validation of multi-physics and multi-scale nuclear reactor simulations
1. Introduction
2. Transport phenomena in nuclear reactors
3. Neutron transport: cell and assembly calculations
4. Neutron transport: core calculations
5. One-/two-phase flow transport and heat transfer
6. Neutronic/thermal-hydraulic coupling
7. Conclusion
  • M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in nuclear engineering or computational science and faculty in these areas
  • • Engineers and scientists from the nuclear industry, national labs and other research institutes, government agencies and regulatory bodies interested in nuclear reactor-specific multi-physics simulations.

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