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HR Management in the Forensic Science Laboratory A 21st Century Approach to Effective Crime Lab Leadership

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Couverture de l’ouvrage HR Management in the Forensic Science Laboratory

HR Management in the Forensic Science Laboratory: A 21st Century Approach to Effective Crime Lab Leadership introduces the profession of forensic science to human resource management, and vice versa. The book includes principles of HR management that apply most readily, and most critically, to the practice of forensic science, such as laboratory operations, staffing and assignments, laboratory relations and high impact leadership. A companion website hosts workshop PowerPoint slides, a forensic HR newsletter and other important HR strategies to assist the reader.

  • Provides principles of HR management that readily apply to the practice of forensic science
  • Covers and emphasizes the knowledge necessary to make HR management in the forensic science laboratory effective, such as technical standards and practices, laboratory structures and work units, and quality system management
  • Includes an online website that hosts workshop PowerPoint slides, a forensic HR newsletter and other important HR strategies

PART I. INTRODUCTION 1. Forensic Science and the Promise of HR 2. The Story of Forensic Science 3. Crime Scenes and Evidence Categories

PART II. LABORATORY OPERATIONS 4. Evidence Triage and Intake 5. Case Management and Customer Service 6. Special Case Circumstances and Considerations 7. Occupational Outlook 8. Professional Standards and Governance 9. Reporting of Conclusions and the Art of Consulting

PART III. JOB ANALYSIS AND STAFFING 10. Core Competencies and Education 11. Job Descriptions and Requirements 12. Recruitment, Evaluation, and Selection 13. Employee Onboarding and Training 14. Organizational Structuring and Work Units 15. Overtime, Flexibility, and Alternative Staffing

PART IV. ACCOMMODATIONS AND ENVIRONMENT 16. Health and Safety 17. Physical and Sensory Challenges 18. Mental and Emotional Health

PART V. LABOR RELATIONS  19. Job Compensation and Classification 20. Unions and Collective Bargaining 21. Performance Review and Appraisal 22. Progressive Discipline 23. Malpractice and Misconduct 24. Outside Employment (Moonlighting)

PART VI. HIGH-STAKES LEADERSHIP 25. Ethics, Integrity, and Independence 26. Accreditation 27. Developing Future Leaders 28. Strategic Positioning

Forensic lab directors and supervisors overseeing operations, HR Managers and analysts of forensic operations in public / private sectors. In addition, instructors and students in forensic mgmt. courses and new forensic professionals.

John Collins is among the most active and respected forensic science professionals in the United States. A prolific writer and speaker on contemporary forensic science practices, John has been a pioneering advocate for the improvement of leadership and HR practices in forensic science organizations. His educational workshops are among the most highly attended of any forensic science instructor in practice today, and his writings have had an unprecedented impact on modern forensic science policy in the United States and overseas. John is a member of the forensic science faculty at Michigan State University, and he also works as a high-stakes leadership consultant and executive coach at Critical Victories (, a company he founded to help people, teams, and organizations function more effectively in high-stakes, high-pressure environments. John has a master’s degree in Organizational Management and is formally recognized by the Society for Human Resource Management as a Senior Certified Professional. In 2013, John was honored by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors with the prestigious Briggs White Award in recognition for his expertise and outstanding contributions in the field of forensic science administration.

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