Climate change and the Canadian energy sector

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This book will provide the most updated information on the Canadian energy resources, and the demand, supply and future projections, assessments of impacts of past and future climate change, variability and extremes on various components of the energy sector, seasonal energy demand, and adaptation measures and strategies to meet the challenges of future climate change and associated sea level rise and constraints and opportunities. Other topics discussed include the Climate and energy demand and supply relationship, the results of vulnerability and adaptation analysis of case studies of extreme weather events, energy generation and supply, and sustainable energy development under a climate change regime. Additionally, this book will include updated information on historical climates, climate variability and change in Canada, and mainstreaming adaptation into the Canadian energy development policies.
Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Energy Resources of Canada: Deman. supply and ProjectionsChapter 3: Historical and Future Climate Change in CanadaChapter 4: Climate and EnergyChapter 5: Impacts of Climate Change and Variability on the Energy sectorChapter 6: The Canadian Energy Sector: Vulnerability and AdaptationChapter 7: Climate Change and Future AdaptationChapter 8: Mainstreaming Adaptation into the Energy SectorChapter 9: Conclusions