Database management systems

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Thème de Database management systems

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The author takes a hands-on approach to database management systems, focusing on teaching how to design, build and manage applications. Exercises, examples, and a CD-ROM containing two sample databases are included to assist with practice.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Part 1: Systems Design Chapter 2 Database Design Chapter 3 Data Normalization
Part 2: Queries Chapter 4 Data Queries Chapter 5 Advanced Queries Appendix: SQL Syntax
Part 3: Applications Chapter 6 Forms and Reports Chapter 7 Calculations and Data Manipulation Appendix: Introduction to Programming Chapter 8 Application Development Appendix: Database Applications in Visual Basic
Part 4: Database Administration Chapter 9 Physical Design Chapter 10 Database Administration
Part 5: Distribution and Integration of Data Chapter 11 Distributed Databases and The Internet Appendix: Introduction to Oracle PL/SQL Chapter 12 Object-Oriented Databases and Integrated Applications Appendix Database Projects Glossary Index