Continuous and discrete control systems

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Continuous and Discrete Control Systems: Modeling, Identification, Design and Implementation, is an exciting new textbook from John Dorsey of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The book takes the reader through the entire design process and includes three case studies of actual systems that emphasize the experimental aspects of control design. Design is introduced early in the book via root locus analysis. A broad range of topics is covered including an introduction to modern robust control and state space analysis. The book is intended for a variety of 1-semester controls courses. The author has tried to bring the reader as close to a real laboratory experience as possible by walking the reader through each step of the design process: modeling, identification, design and especially implementation.
1 Preliminaries 2 The Laplace Transform 3 The Transfer Function 4 Introducing Feedback 5 Root Locus Analysis 6 Quantifying Performance 7 Cascade Root Locus Design 8 Motor Speed Control: A Case Study 9 Frequency Response 10 Nyquist Criterion 11 Bode Design 12 Robust Control 13 Position Control: A Case Study 14 Discrete Systems 15 Digital Control 16 Aircraft Pitch Control: A Case Study 17 The Transportation Lag 18 The State Model 19 Observability and Controllability 20 The Controller/Observer