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Entrepreneurship by Hisrich and Peters is intended for the undergraduate and graduate courses in entrepreneurship and has been designed to instruct students on how to formulate, plan and implement a new venture. Students are exposed to detailed descriptions of 'how to' embark on a new venture in a logical manner. Actual case studies and entrepreneur profiles help illustrate successful and not-so-successful ventures.

Part 1-THE ENTREPRENEURIAL PERSPECTIVE Chapter 1: The Nature and Importance of Entrepreneurs Opening Profile: Ted Turner Chapter 2: The Entrepreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mind Opening Profile: Ewing Marion Kauffman Chapter 3: The Individual Entrepreneur Opening Profile: Lillian Vernon Katz Chapter 4: International Entrepreneurship Opportunities Opening Profile: A. Malachi Mixon III CASES FOR
Part 1:Case 1-a Rock and Roll Bilge Pump Case 1-b A. Monroe Lock and Security Systems Case 1-c Display Products Technology Limited Case 1-d Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance? Case 1-e Heartware International Corporation
Part II- CREATING AND STARTING THE VENTURE Chapter 5: Creativity and the Business Idea Opening Profile: Frederick W. Smith Chapter 6: Legal Issues for the Entrepreneur Opening Profile: Daniel Schreiber Chapter 7: The Business Plan Opening Profile: Martha Stewart Chapter 8: The Marketing Plan Opening Profile: Michael S. Dell Chapter 9: The Financial Plan Opening Profile: Bill Porter Chapter 10: The Organizational Plan Opening Profile: Howard Schultz CASES FOR
Part 2:Case II-a Voice Concepts Case II-b The Beach Carrier Case II-c Gooey Industries Case II-d Gourmet to Go Case II-e Academy Computers Limited
Part III-FINANCING THE NEW VENTURE Chapter 11: Sources of Capital Opening Profile: Walt Disney Chapter 12: Informal Risk Capital and Venture Capital Opening Profile: David Wetherell CASES FOR
Part 3:Case III-a The Winslow Clock Company Case III-b Airview Mapping Inc. Case III-c Rug Bug Corporation Case III-d Nature Bros. Ltd.
Part IV-MANAGING, GROWING, AND ENDING THE NEW VENTURE Chapter 13: Preparing for the New Venture Launch: Early Management Decisions Opening Profile: Bryan and Jennifer Maxwell Chapter 14: Managing Early Growth of the New Venture Opening Profile: Bill Gross Chapter 15: New Venture Expansion Strategies and Issues Opening Profile: Tom Kitchin Chapter 16: Going Public Opening Profile: Sam Walton Chapter 17: Ending the Venture Opening Profile: Beth Bloom CASES FOR
Part 4:Case IV-a Dual Pane Company Case IV-b Wizards of the Coast Case IV-c Wrentham Corporation Case IV-d Doka Corporation Case IV-e Executive Furniture Limited