Marketing management: text and cases

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This is a Harvard casebook that is appropriate for the rigorous end of the spectrum in Marketing Management courses. The overall framework of this text is clean and easy to follow, focusing more on strategy in covering the marketing process and less on research and implementation. This makes the discussion of the marketing mix much more coherent for professors to teach and students to learn.

I: Introduction to the Marketing Process N1. Note on Marketing Strategy (Dolan) N2. Note on Low Tech Marketing Math (Dolan) C1. Sealed Air (Dolan) C2. Tweeter (Gourville) C3. Warner-Lambert Ireland: Niconil (Quelch) C4. The Aravind Eye Hospital (Rangan) C5. Black and Decker Corporation (Dolan)
II.Product Policy N3. Product Policy Note (Dolan) C6. Northern Telecom (A), Northern Telecom (B) (Dolan) C7. The Swatch Group: On Internet Time (Wathieu) C8. Net.Genisis, Inc. (Dolan) C9. BARCO (Moriarty) C10. Population Services Int'l. (Rangan) C11. Goodyear: The Aquatred Launch (Quelch) C12. L'Oreal of Paris: Bringing 'Class to Mass' with Plenitude (Dolan)
III.Going to Market N4. Going to Market Note (Dolan) C13. U.S. Pioneer Electronics (Takeuchi) C14. Rohn and Haas (A) (Rangan) C15. Calyx and Corolla (Salmon) C16. HP Consumer Products (Lal) C17. Pizza Hut, Inc. (Kaufmann) C18. Name Your Own Price (Dolan) C19. Biopure Corporation (Gourville)
IV.Integrated Marketing Communications N5. Integrated Marketing Communications Note (Dolan) C20. Suave (Albion) C21. Colgate-Palmolive Company: The Precision Toothbrush (Quelch) C22. Dentrite (Cespedes) C23. Henkel Group: Umbrella Branding and Globalization Decisions (Dolan) C24 Alloy, Inc. (Deighton) C25. Launching the BMW-Z3 Roadster (Dolan/Fournier)
V.Pricing Policy N6. Policy: A Value-based Approach(Dolan) N7. Pricing and market Making on the Internet (Dolan/Moon) C26. Cumberland Metals (Shapiro) C27. Eastman Kodak Company (Dolan) C28. Becton Dickinson and Company (Cespedes/Rangan) C29. On-Sale (Moon) C30 Coca-Cola's New Vending Machine (A): Pricing to Capture Value, or Not? (King/Narayandas)