Experiencing social psychology

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Designed to supplement a Social Psychology textbook, this experienced-based handbook actively engages students in the process of discovering social psychology. The authors have organized the chapters around thirteen topics that are generally considered to be the central concerns of social psychologists. Each chapter contains an introduction to the topic, readings to expose the student to theory and research, and a research project for the student to complete. In response to the growing emphasis in social psychology on application, the 4th edition includes articles on the applications of social psychology to health, law, and work. The fourth edition has a stronger cross-cultural focus, reflecting the move in that direction within social psychology. This new edition also addresses the heated debate on the science and politics of comparing men and women.
1 Research and Ethics in Social Psychology 2 Attitudes and Behavior 3 Social Cognition 4 The Self and Others 5 Gender Roles 6 Conformity 7 Group Processes 8 The Social and Cultural Environment 9 Prejudice and Discrimination 10 Aggression and Violence 11 Affiliation, Attraction, and Love 12 Altruism and Prosocial Behavior 13 Applications of Social Psychology