Classical ethics: east and west

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Classical ethics: east and west

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Focus is on the key concepts and presuppositions of each philosopher. Shows why each system discussed has appealed to intelligent and thoughtful people for so many centuries. Western tradition represented by major classical figures: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Epicurus, St. Augustine, Aquinas, Butler, Hume, Kant and Mill.
Part 1: ETHICS IN ANCIENT GREECE (5TH-2nd Centuries B.C.E.) Chapter 1: Socrates and Plato: The Vision of 'The Good' Solves all Ethical Problems Chapter 2: Aristotle: The Foundation of Ethics Lies in Character and Virtue Chapter 3: Epicurus: Pleasure is the Foundation of Ethical Judgments Part 2: THE RELIGIOUS ETHICS OF EARLY CHRISTIANITY (100 C.E.-1200 C.E.) Chapter 4: Augustine: Ethics is Grounded in the Love of God and the Commands of God Chapter 5: Aquinas: Ethics is Grounded in the Natural Law Implanted By God, As Interpreted by Artistotle Part 3: BUDDHIST ETHICS IN INDIA (5TH Century B.C.E.) Chapter 6: Early Buddhism: To Be Moral Is To Lessen Suffering Part 4: ETHICS IN CHINA DURING THE CLASSICAL PERIOD (5TH '2ND Century B.C.E.): CONFUCIANIS AND TAOSIM Chapter 7: K'Ung-Fu Tzu (Confucius): Rules Combined with Benevolence and Insight Chapter 8: Taoism: Let Go! Part 5: WESTERN ETHICS FROM THE RENAISSANCE TO THE 19TH CENTURY Chapter 9: Joseph Butler: Conscience is the Basis for Christian Morality Chapter 10: David Hume: Morality is Based on Feelings Chapter 11: Immanual Kant: Duty is the Foundation of Morality Chapter 12: John Stuart Mill: The Greatest Happiness for the Greatest Number