Complete idiot's guide to boating and sailing

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An excellent overview of both power boating and sailing-and focusing on the techniques shared by both. For example, anchoring, motoring, docking, trailering and other techniques are critical for both types of boaters to learn-and the most common techniques omitted by most sailing only books. It also covers weather, safety, maps, rules of the road, dealing with people on the boat, gear, types of boats-power and sailboats and the basics of sailing. New material for this edition will include information on GPS and other marien electronics including wireless mapping and navigation systems, sailboat maintenance from sails to rigging, fuel-savers such as four stroke outboards and HPDI, the latest seasickness cures, advances in PFDs, and getting your captain's license!


1. Welcome to the Wet and Wonderful World of Boating!

Start at the Bottom Line. Maintenance Costs. If the Sloop Fits, Buy It. What to Call the Pointy End (and the Rest of a Boat). What Kind of Boat Are You Looking For? Power to the People-Boats with Motors. Motorcycles on the Water: Personal Watercraft. Boating in a Balloon: Inflatable Boats. Powered by the Wind: Sailboats. Muscle-Powered Boats: Canoes, Kayaks, and Rowboats. Buy New or Used?

2. Power to the People-Marine Engines.

Portable Power-Outboard Motors. Outboard Motor Brands. Compact Motors. Jet Power. Two-Cycle Outboard Oils. Innies and Outies-Inboard/Outboards. Inboard Engines. Power Without Spark Plugs-Diesel Engines. Fuel Economy. One Engine or Two?

3. Picking a Proper Prop.

Gay Blades-And Serious Ones. Barrel Onward. Diameter and Prop Performance. Here's the Pitch. Putting It Together. When One Goes Up, the Other Goes Down. Right Hand or Left? What Props Are Made Of. Props for Electric Motors. Counter-Rotating In-Line Props. These Props Are Not Shiftless. Problems of the Improper Prop. Bad Vibrations. Care and Feeding of Your Prop.

4. It Follows You Anywhere-Trailering Your Boat.

Get Fit. Weight Wisdom. Two Wheels or Four? The Right Stuff. How Trailer Winches Work. Tongue Jacks. Do You Need Brakes? Getting Hitched. Matching the Load-Hitch Ratings. Have a Ball-Hitch Balls. Keeping Your Trailer on the Trail-Maintenance. Wheel and Tire Maintenance. Let There Be Lights. Getting Wired. Inflation Is Good. Winch Maintenance. Get Tight and Load It Right. Wandering Trailers. The Chain Gang. Towing Tips. Watch Where You Tow. Secure It All. Maneuvering Your Trailer. Highway Trailering. Keeping Your Cool. Pushing Off. Let's Do Launch. Up-Loading. Pulling Out. Trouble at the Ramp. A Tail-Light Cure.


5. Getting Underway for the First Time.

All Aboard! Keep Your Hands Handy. Starting the Engines. Leaving the Dock. Keeping Trim Afloat. Time to Trim In. Those Are the Brakes. Softening the Waves. Time to Trim Out. It Ain't Flipper-Stop Your Boat from Porpoising. The Art of Cornering. Ventilation: Good in Motel Rooms, Bad in Props. Shallow Water Trim. Boating in a Bog. Refueling Your Boat.

6. The Art and Science of Docking.

Slip-Sliding Away: Maneuvering Out of a Slip. The Easy Way Out. Wind into the Dock. Spring Ahead, but Don't Fall Back. You Can Go Home Again-Docking Tactics. The Best Plan Is to Have a Plan. Practice, Practice, Practice. Avoiding Slip-Ups. Parallel Parking. Current Events. Shoehorn Maneuvering. Slow Is Good. Easy Job That Can Be Tough: Picking Up a Mooring. Tidal Tie-Ups. Dock Lines. Securing Your Boat. Chafing Gear for Your Lines. Fenders Are Meant to Be Squashed.

7. People Management and Safety Aboard.

Taking Care of Business: The Captain Is the Boss. Protection from the Sun. Wear a Hat. Coping with Seasickness. The Right Footwear. Dressing for Cold-Weather Boating. Singing in the Rain with Good Rain Gear. What's Bugging You? Cameras and Water Do Not Always Mix.

8. Anchors Aweigh! Making Your Boat Stay Put.

Anchors by Design. Anchoring in Style. Stronger Is Better. Anchors That Float-Sea Anchors. Anchor Tackle. Deep Stuff-Anchoring Offshore. Anchoring in a Harbor. When Two Anchors Are Better Than One. Beaching It. When the Anchor Goes Ashore. Grounding-On Purpose. If You Lose Your Anchor. Snagged Anchors. Breaking Free.

9. Nautical Knots.

When a Rope Is Not a Ro