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Vascular Ion Channels in Physiology and Disease, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2016

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Levitan, PhD Irena, Dopico, MD, PhD Alex M.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Vascular Ion Channels in Physiology and Disease
Ion channels are the major class of membrane proteins responsible for rapid and regulated transport of ions across biological membranes and for the generation and propagation of electrical signals in the brain, heart, and skeletal and vascular tissues. Ion channels are also known to play critical roles in regulation of cell proliferation, insulin secretion and intracellular signaling in a variety of cell types. This book focuses on the roles of ion channels in vascular tissues under normal and pathological conditions.  Vascular abnormalities are known to underlie a plethora of severe pathological conditions, such as atherosclerosis, systemic and pulmonary hypertension, coronary or cerebral vasospasm, and diabetes. In addition, misregulated angiogenesis is one of the major contributors to the development of tumors. Therefore, it is clearly imperative to obtain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that contribute to vascular disorders. This book will be the first comprehensive assembly of assays to present the studies that have been done during the last decade to elucidate the roles of ion channels in different vascular diseases.
Mark T. Nelson

I. Ion channel regulation of vascular tone and blood flow.  Changes with hypertension.

I.1. Endothelial cells

I.1.1. Endothelial cell ion channel expression and function in arterioles and resistance arteries
William F. Jackson

I.1.2. Contribution and Regulation of Calcium channels in Endothelial Cells
Kwong Tai Cheng, Avia Rosenhouse-Dantsker, and Asrar B. Malik   

I.1.3. Mitochondrial depolarization in endothelial and other vascular cells and their role in the regulation of cerebral vascular tone
David W. Busija, Ibolya Rutkai, and Prasad V. Katakam

I.1.4. Ion channels in Hypertension and Control of Blood Flow: Electrical conduction along endothelium of resistance arteries
Erik J. Behringer and Steven S. Segal

I.1.5. Ca2+/calmodulin-gated small- and intermediate-conductance KCa channels in cardiovascular regulation: Targets for novel pharmacological treatments
Ralf Köhler. Aida Olivan-Viguera

I.2. Smooth Muscle Cell

I.2.1. Regional Variation in Arterial Myogenic Responsiveness - Links To Potassium Channel Diversity/Function
Michael A. Hill, Yan Yang, Zahra Nourian, Barry D. Kyle, Kwangseok Hong and Andrew P. Braun

I.2.2. Ion Channel Trafficking and Control of Arterial Contractility
M. Dennis Leo and Jonathan H. Jaggar

I.2.3. Abnormalities of Vascular Ion Channels during Hypertension
I.2.4. Kv7 Potassium Channels as Therapeutic Targets in Cerebral Vasospasm
Bharath K. Mani, Lyubov I. Brueggemann, Sarkis Morales-Vidal, Christopher M. Loftus, and Kenneth L. Byron

I.2.5. Lysosomal Transient Receptor Potential Mucolipin (TRPML) Channels in Vascular Regulation and Diseases 
Fan Zhang, Pin-Lan Li

II. Ion channels in the regulation of cell proliferation, remodeling, hypertrophy and angiogenesis

II.1. Calcium Mobilization via Intracellular Ion Channels, Store Organization and Mitochondria in Smooth Muscle
John G. McCarron, Susan Chalmers, Calum Wilson & Mairi E. Sandison

II.2. Role of mechanosensitive TRP channels in Abnormal Vasculature of Tumors 
Holly C. Cappelli, Roslin J. Thoppil, Ravi K. Adapala, J. Gary Meszaros, Sailaja Paruchuri, and Charles K. Thodeti

II.3. TRPC and Orai channels in store-operated calcium entry and vascular remodeling

David J Beech, Jing Li, Lynn McKeown, and Hollie L Appleby

II.4. Smooth muscle cell ion channels in pulmonary arterial hypertension: pathogenic role in pulmonary vasoconstriction and vascular remodeling
Ramon J. Ayon, Haiyang Tang, Ruby A. Fernandez, Ayako Makino, and Jason X.-J. Yuan

III. Ion channel regulation by lipids and channel modifications in metabolic disease

III.1. Physiological roles and cholesterol sensitivity of endothelial inwardly-rectifying K+ channels: specific cholesterol-protein interactions through non annular binding sites 
Irena Levitan, Sang Joon Ahn, Ibra Fancher, Avia Rosenhouse-Dantsker

III.2. Membrane lipids and modulation of vascular smooth muscle ion channels
Alex M. Dopico, Anna N. Bukiya and Guruprasad Kuntamallappanavar

III.3. Transient receptor potential channels in metabolic syndrome-induced coronary artery disease
Stacey L. Dineen, Zachary P. Neeb, Alexander G. Obukhov, and Michael Sturek

III.4. Mitochondrial ion channels in metabolic disease
Aaron H Truong, Saravanakumar Murugesan, Katia D Youssef, and Ayako Makino

Alex Dopico, PhD, MD, is Chair of Pharmacology and Distinguished Professor at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee.  His research interest focuses on the molecular interactions between small amphiphilic ligands, such as alcohol, and oligomeric ion channel proteins in excitable tissues, with a particular focus on cerebral artery smooth muscle.  Emphasis is put on determining site(s) of action and ion channel gating mechanisms targeted by the amphiphiles, role of membrane lipid microenvironment in regulating ligand-ion channel interaction, and consequences of such interaction on tissue and organ function.  Dr. Dopico currently holds a Merit Award from NIAAA, and also served as editor of the book Methods in Membrane Lipids published by Humana in 2007.

Irena Levitan, PhD, is a Professor of Medicine and Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology and Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her current research interests focus on cholesterol regulation of ion channels and cellular biomechanics. She was named a Guyton Distinguished Lecturer by the Association of Chairs of Departments of Physiology for her quantitative and biophysical work on cholesterol modulation of ion channels and how this can affect integrated organ function. She also served as editor of the book Cholesterol Regulation of Ion Channels and Receptors, published by Wiley in 2012.

Presents the studies undertaken in the last decade to elucidate the roles of ion channels in different vascular diseases

Focuses on the roles of ion channels in vascular tissues under normal and pathological condition

Written by experts in the field

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