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Type 2 Diabetes Cardiovascular and Related Complications and Evidence-Based Complementary Treatments

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Type 2 Diabetes

Approximately 29 million Americans are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes annually. Of that number, only about 36 percent (10.44 million diabetes sufferers) achieve satisfactory medical outcomes and would need additional help?rarely available?to reliably control their glucose levels. Contrary to popular belief, although anti-diabetic medications can lower sugar levels, nevertheless they have a poor performance track record because inflammation in the blood vessels persists.

This book details recent scientific findings that cardiovascular, kidney, vision, peripheral nervous system, and other body damage caused by chronic high levels of blood sugar (hyperglycemia) in Type 2 diabetes is actually due to excessive generation of unopposed free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS). These, in turn, cause chronic systemic inflammation and dysfunction of the endothelial lining of the arterial blood vessels, jeopardizing the formation of the protective molecule nitric oxide (NO), thus severely impairing the blood supply to every organ and tissue in the body. This book also catalogues the evidence that chronic hyperglycemia causes profound and often irreversible damage?even long before Type 2 diabetes has been diagnosed. In addition, because conventional prescription treatments are, unfortunately, often inadequate, the book details evidence-based complementary means of blood sugar control.

Chronic Hyperglycemia--A Primer. Hyperglycemia Impairs Blood Vessel Function. Cardiovascular and Related Complications of Diabetes. Hyperglycemia Impairs the Functions of Blood. Chronic Hyperglycemia Impairs Vision, Hearing, and Sensory Function. On the Importance of Monitoring Blood Sugar and Other "Vital Signs." Advanced Glycation End-Products--A Special Hazard in Diabetes. General Nutrition Considerations for Chronic Hyperglycemia--Type 2 Diabetes. Mode of Action of Selected Botanicals That Lower Blood Glucose. Selected Botanicals and Plant Products That Lower Blood Glucose (Continued). Selected Functional Foods That Combat the Effects of Hyperglycemia and Chronic Systemic Inflammation. Functional Foods Continued: White Mulberry (Morus Alba) Leaf Extract and Tea. Selected Supplements That Support Glycemic Control and Reduce Chronic Inflammation. Additional Supplements That Support Glycemic Control and Reduce Chronic Inflammation.

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