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Traditional and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the Modern Era A Natural and Applied Science Perspective

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Katerere David R., Applequist Wendy, Aboyade Oluwaseyi M., Togo Chamunorwa

This book expounds and explores the important contributions traditional and indigenous knowledge make to agriculture, human and animal health, food and nutrition, socioeconomic growth and sustainable development. It is the first book to address these applications of TIK from a natural and applied science perspective. Human civilizations have drawn on this knowledge for thousands of years to solve specific developmental and environmental problems. This book's primary purpose will be to document the employment and potential value of this knowledge in modern settings, providing useful guidance regarding how the global community, down to individual societies, can benefit from such knowledge.

Indigenous knowledge systems (theoretical background). Introduction to tribal and indigenous knowledge systems. Case studies of tribal and indigenous knowledge used in modern world. Mainstreaming indigenous knowledge systems – South African case study. Preservation and modernization of ancient knowledge – Indian case study. The role of tribal and indigenous knowledge systems in modern Nigeria. Initiatives to mainstream indigenous knowledge systems – Mexican case study. Indigenous knowledge systems in the West Indies. Indigenous knowledge systems: practices in modern-day China. Contribution of tribal and indigenous knowledge for human and animal well being. Tribal and indigenous knowledge systems for health – opportunities and challenges. The role of traditional health practitioners in modern health care systems. Animal health and indigenous knowledge systems. Application of traditional knowledge in modern agricultural practices. Climate change adaptability and the use of tribal and indigenous knowledge systems. Innovation and commercialization. Nutrition innovation and food processing in the context of T/IKS. Hurdles in the commercialization of tribal and indigenous knowledge-derived technologies. Governance. Class of civilisations - Governance and legal systems. Legal and ethical challenges in the research and development of tribal and indigenous knowledge-derived technologies. Is Tribal and indigenous knowledge relevant for social and human development in the 21st century? Epilogue: Prospect for the future. Glossary of technical terms and abbreviations. Index.

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