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Therapeutics in geriatric neuropsychaitric cloth

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Therapeutics in geriatric neuropsychaitric cloth
With the rapid increase of aged people in the world, there is a need to focus attention on the mental disorders of later life. This handbook is unique in bridging the various levels of clinical geriatric psychiatry, giving readers an up-to-date account of the new drugs available and of how common neuromedical and psychiatric problems are approached in the elderly. The book has three distinct, but interrelated, themes:
* The neurodegenerative disorders-diagnosis and treatment
* The psychiatric syndromes and behavioural presentations
* Other disciplines-nursing and psychology
Each theme is discussed in detail, providing comprehensive and valuable information on matters arising in the daily work of specialists, general practitioners, nurses, psychologists and other health care professionals involved with this sector of the population.
Treatment of Parkinson"s Disease (D. Calne & S. Calne).

Treatment of Vascular Cognitive Impairment/Vascular Dementia (H. Feldman).

Psychosis in the Elderly (R. Ancill).

Depression in the Elderly (A. Mithani & R. Ancill).

The Agitated and Aggressive Elderly Person in Residential Care (A. Mithani).

Clinical Considerations in the Diagnosis and Management of Geriatric Delirium (L. Sheldon).

Chronic Pain in the Elderly--A Psychiatric Syndrome (R. Ancill)?

Electroconvulsive Therapy in Dementia (L. Myronuk, et al.).

Endogenous Cortisol: Relationship to Psychiatric Disorders (S. Kiraly, et al.).

Dementia: The Nurse"s Role (C. Schindell & L. Lyons).

Psychotherapy with the Geriatric Psychiatry Patient (C. Henry & P. Sungaila).

The Cognitization of Dementia (S. Holliday, et al.).


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