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The Role of Phytoconstitutents in Health Care Biocompounds in Medicinal Plants Innovations in Plant Science for Better Health Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Goyal Megh R., Rasul Suleria Hafiz Ansar, Harikrishnan Ramasamy

This new volume provides new insights with scientific evidence on the uses of medicinal plants in the treatment of certain diseases. It reviews various therapies with herbal phytoconstituents for certain types of disorders, modes of action, and pharmacological screening. It focuses on potential benefits of herbal extracts and bioactive compounds for human health care, provides a comparative phytoconstituent analysis of selected medicinal plants using GC-MS/FTIR techniques, and discusses the role of herbal medicines in female genital infections. It goes on to look at the health-boosting properties of cabbage and the functional properties of milk yam (Ipomoea digitata L.).

The information provided in The Role of Phytoconstitutents in Health Care: Biocompounds in Medicinal Plants will be valuable for herbal drug researchers and scientists in the pharmaceutical industries. It will not only provide information on the management and prevention of HIV/AIDS and cancer disorders but will also pave the way for future research.

Part 1: Herbs and Their Extracts: Scope and Role Of Bioactive Compounds In Human Health

1. Potential of Herbal Extracts and Bioactive Compounds for Human Healthcare

Ramasamy Harikrishnan and Chellam Balasundaram

2. Herbal Extracts and Their Bioactivities: Comparative Phytoconstituent Analysis of Selected Medicinal Plants Using GC-MS/FTIR Techniques

C. Stanley Okereke et al.

3. The Role of Herbal Medicines in Female Genital Infections

Djadouni Fatima

Part 2: Functional Activities of Selected Plants

4. From Designer Food Formulation to Oxidative Stress Mitigation: Health-Boosting Constituents of Cabbage

Faiza Ashfaq et al.

5. Functional Properties of Milk Yam (Ipomoea digitata L.)

K. M. Vidya, N. S. Sonia, and P. C. Jessykutty

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15.6x23.5 cm

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