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Textbook of Orthopedics (5th Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Textbook of Orthopedics

This book is a comprehensive guide to orthopaedics for postgraduate medical students.

The fifth edition has been fully revised to present the latest developments and understanding in the field. The book covers numerous injuries and disorders, with each topic beginning with an overview of relevant anatomy, followed by principles and methods of diagnosis and clinical and surgical management.

Each chapter includes a brief summary outlining key points, as well as example X-Rays for the topic in discussion.

The fifth edition features new sections on trauma, geriatric orthopaedics, arthroscopy, and surgical techniques, as well as additional images including new X-Rays and MRI scans, and line diagrams.

Key Points

  • Comprehensive guide to orthopaedics for postgraduate medical students
  • Fully revised, fifth edition with new topics
  • More than 1300 clinical images and diagrams, many new to this edition
  • Previous edition (9788184487442) published in 2010
  1. Trauma—A Modern International Epidemic
  2. Know Your Skeletal System
  3. General Principles of Fractures and Dislocations
  4. Complications of Fractures
  5. Emergency Care of the Injured
  6. Fracture Treatment Methods: Then, Now and Future
  7. Recent Advances in Fracture Treatment
  8. Fracture Healing Methods
  9. Soft Tissue Injuries
  10. Fractures in Special Situations
  11. Injuries Around the Shoulder
  12. Injuries of the Arm
  13. Injuries Around the Elbow
  14. Injuries of the Forearm
  15. Injuries to the Wrist
  16. Hand Injuries
  17. Dislocations and Fracture Dislocations of the Hip Joint
  18. Fracture Femur
  19. Injuries of the Knee
  20. Fracture of Tibia and Fibula
  21. Injuries of the Ankle
  22. Injuries of the Foot
  23. Pelvic Injuries, Rib and Coccyx Injuries
  24. Injuries of the Spine
  25. Peripheral Nerve Injuries
  26. Approach to Orthopedic Disorders
  27. Deformities and their Management
  28. Treatment of Orthopedic Disorders
  29. Regional Conditions of the Neck
  30. Regional Conditions of the Upper Limb
  31. Regional Conditions of the Spine
  32. Regional Conditions of the Lower Limb
  33. Disorders of the Hand
  34. Low Backache and Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)
  35. Congenital Disorders
  36. Developmental Disorders
  37. Metabolic Disorders
  38. Osteomyelitis
  39. Skeletal Tuberculosis
  40. Disorders of Joints (Arthritis)
  41. Rheumatic Diseases
  42. Neuromuscular Disorders
  43. Bone Neoplasias
  44. Distal Forearm Fractures
  45. Fracture Neck of Femur
  46. Osteoporosis
  47. Osteoarthritis
  48. Cervical Disk Syndromes
  49. Lumbar Disk Disease and Canal Stenosis
  50. Common Surgeries of the Humerus
  51. Common Forearm Surgeries
  52. Common Hip Surgeries
  53. Common Surgery of the Femur
  54. Common Surgery of the Patella
  55. Common Surgery of the Tibia
  56. Turco’s One Stage Posteromedial Release for CTEV
  57. Common Surgery of the Spine
  58. Common Finger and Toe Surgery (Percutaneous Fixations)
  59. External Fixation
  60. Amputations
  61. Prosthetics and Orthotics
  62. Sports Injuries
  63. Arthroscopy
  64. Standard Arthroscopy Portals
  65. 9-Point Diagnostic Knee Arthroscopy
  66. Arthroplasty
  67. Evidence Based Orthopedics




John Ebnezar D’Ortho DNB MNAMS DAc DMT PhD INOR Fellow
Consulting Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeon and Holistic Orthopaedic Expert, Sports Specialist, Bangalore, Karnataka, India


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