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Revival: Regulatory Mechanisms in Gastrointestinal Function (1995) CRC Press Revivals Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Revival: Regulatory Mechanisms in Gastrointestinal Function (1995)
Regulatory Mechanisms in Gastrointestinal Function includes a collection of contemporary topics in gastrointestinal research. The control of gastroduodenal electrolyte transport and the influence of drugs on bicarbonate secretion are reviewed in detail. The importance of the interactions between calcium and cyclic-AMP in intestinal secretion is emphasized in a comprehensive chapter that systematically addresses each link in the mechanisms that regulate chloride secretion. Other important topics included in the book are neural reflex modulation of intestinal epithelial transport, the influence of the microcirculation on intestinal secretion, and nitric oxide as a mediator of physiologic and pathophysiologic secretion. The expertise of the authors has resulted in a breadth of important contemporary topics covered in depth.

Chapter 1

Gastroduodenal Bicarbonate Secretion: Pharmacologic Modulation and Contribution to Mucosal Protection, K. Takeuchi and S. Okabe, Kyoto Pharmaceutical University
Chapter 2

Intestinal Chloride Secretion: cAMP/Ca2+ Interactions, V. Calderaro and F. Rossi, Second University of Naples, Italy

Chapter 3

Neural Reflex Modulation of Intestinal Epithelial Transport, O. Lundgren and M. Jodal, University of Goteborg, Sweden

Chapter 4

Importance of the Microcirculation to Intestinal Secretion, D. Mailman, University of Houston

Chapter 5

Nitric Oxide as a Mediator of Intestinal Mucosal Function, M.J.S. Miller , Lousiana State University Medical Center and T.S. Gaginella, University of Wisconsin

Chapter 6

Serotonin Mediation of Intestinal Peristalsis, T.K. Smith and R.W. McCallum, University of Virginia

Chapter 7

Dopaminergic Mechanisms in GI Motality, J. Wiley , Toku Takahashi , and C. Owyang, University of Michigan Medical Center

Chapter 8

Pharmacology of Endothelins in the Gastrointestinal Tract, G.A. Rae, University of Santa Catarina, Brazil

Chapter 9

Hindbrain Neuroactive Substances Controlling Gastrointestinal Function, Z.K. Krowicki and P.J. Hornby, Louisiana State University

Physiologists, biologists, pharmacologists, and clinician-researchers involved in investigations on the regulation of gastrointestinal function.

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