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Revival: Molecular Basis of Aging (1995) CRC Press Revivals Series

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Revival: Molecular Basis of Aging (1995)
Using a new, integrative approach, Molecular Basis of Aging describes the aging phenomenon within mammalian organisms from the perspective of changes in information storage and coordination between hierarchical orders of structure. This unique approach provides the reader with a thorough insight into the evolution of molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ systems and processes in mammals. This informative volume contains up-to-date reviews of:
The Storage of Information
Genome Reorganization of Mitotic Cells, A. Macieira-Coelho
Genomic Instability During Aging of Postmitotic Mammalian Cells, J.W. Gaubatz
DNA Repair During Aging, H. Niedermüller
Changes in Gene Expression During Aging of Mammals, M.S. Kanungo
Role of Mitochondria in Cell Aging, J. Miquel
The Flow of Information
Modifications of the Cell Surface Leading to Cell Elimination, H.U. Lutz
Protein Kinase C Signal Transmission During Aging, F. Battaini, S. Govoni, and M. Trabucchi
Changes in Transmembrane Signaling Mechanisms During Aging, Cellular and Molecular Aspects, A. Miyamoto and G. Roth
Structural Changes Modifying the Intracellular Flow of Information, A. Macieira-Coelho
The Aging of the Neuronal Cytoskeleton, P. Klosen and P. van den Bosch de Aguilar
Transport of mRNA into the Cytoplasm, W.E.G. Müller, G. Lauc, P.S. Agutter, and H.C. Schröder
Translational and Posttranslational Modifications During Aging, S.I.S. Rattan
Carbonyl Toxification Hypothesis of Biological Aging, D. Yin and U.T. Brunk
Amyloidosis and Aging, B. Westermark and K.H. Johnson
Extracellular Matrix, L. Robert and J. Labat-Robert
Brain Metabolism During Aging, S. Hoyer
Central Neurotransmission in the Elderly, H. Allain and D. Bentué-Ferrer
Age-Related Changes in Neuropeptidergic Neurons in the Human Hypothalamus, J.-N. Zhou and D.F. Swaab
Gerontologists, cell biologists, neuroscientists, and students.

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Thèmes de Revival: Molecular Basis of Aging (1995) :

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Cellular, Evolution, Mammals, Organ, Tissue

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