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Rejuvenation of the Aging Body Surgical and Nonsurgical Treatments

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Rejuvenation of the Aging Body

There are many books on facial rejuvenation aimed at dermatologists but relatively few covering the whole body. Most body rejuvenation books take a surgical approach and are aimed specifically at plastic surgeons. However, body rejuvenation is a dynamic area encompassing many minimally invasive techniques, often derived from facial rejuvenation, which are more cost-effective and require less downtime than traditional surgical techniques.

The number of treatment options can be bewildering, and Rejuvenation of the Aging Body aims to provide clear instructions on which treatment types to use for each specific problem, together with details of any special modifications that must be made for different body areas. Chapters describe how best to assess the aging body and build a suitable treatment plan combining all the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques to give the best cosmetic results. Rejuvenation of the Aging Body is an invaluable guide to the assessment and management of the aging body, for trainee and practicing dermatologists, dermatologic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons.

Key points

  • Cuts through the different techniques to explain which procedures are best suited for each specific problem
  • Focuses on the whole body (not just the face) and on the key areas that dermatologists and other clinicians treat most often
  • Includes numerous colour photographs that illustrate each technique and its effect on the appearance
  • Features contributions from experienced clinicians, edited by a well-recognised educator in dermatologic surgery

Chapter 1            Introduction: historical perspectives of body rejuvenation


Chapter 2            The process of body aging


Chapter 3            The 3D whole body rejuvenation approach


Chapter 4            Neck rejuvenation


Chapter 5            Chest rejuvenation


Chapter 6            Hand rejuvenation


Chapter 7            Whole body approaches: abdomen, buttocks, arms


Chapter 8            Treatment modalities in the management of cellulite


Chapter 9            Rejuvenation of the lower extremities

Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Cornell University Medical College, Consultant Dermatologist, Sadick Dermatology, New York, USA

Andrew S Dorizas MD
Dermatology Resident, University at Buffalo, New York, USA

Amer Nassar MD
General Surgery Resident, Department of Surgery, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

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