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Radiology & imaging of the colon, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2004 Diagnostic Imaging Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Chapman Anthony H.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Radiology & imaging of the colon
Radiology has seen dramatic technological advances in recent years. This multi-author text describes the current approach to colonic imaging and provides a detailed insight into likely future developments. The role of radiology in cancer screening is fully considered. In this context, particular attention is devoted to CT and MR virtual colonography, which, it is anticipated, will largely replace barium enema radiology and reduce the use of diagnostic colonoscopy. Modern cancer staging techniques, including PET scanning, are reviewed, and post-treatment follow-up strategies are examined. The imaging of inflammatory and traumatic conditions of the colon is described, as are current colonic interventional options, such as tumour stenting, colon decompression and vascular embolisation. In short, this book provides a comprehensive, well-illustrated and up-to-date review of colonic imaging.
Screening Those at Normal Risk for Colorectal Cancer (W. Atkin/J. Northover), Screening Those at High Risk for Colorectal Cancer (M. Tischkowitz/S. Hodgson), The Significance of the Flat Adenoma (B. Rembacken), Colonic Polyps - Pathology and Imaging (N.Scott/A.H. Chapman), An Introduction to Imaging Colonic Neoplasms (A. Gillams), Virtual Colonography (J.Bruzzi/H. Fenlon), Dietary Faecal Tagging (P. Lefere/S. Gryspeerdt), MR Colonography (A. Laghi/I. Baeli/P. Paolantonio/F. Iafrate/D. Marin/C. Miglio/R. Passariello), Self-Expanding Metal Colonic Stents (S. Halligan), Endorectal Ultrasound in Rectal Carcinoma (M.C. Hill), Rectal Tumours - MRI (R.G.H. Beets-Tan/G.L. Beets), Staging and Follow-up of Colorectal Cancer (J.A. Guthrie), PET in the Management of Colon Cancer (S.J. Skehan), US of Appendicitis (E.M. Danse), CT of Appendicitis (A.A. Ghiatas/N.Kritikos), CT of Diverticulitis (A.A. Ghiatas/G.P. Economou), Diagnosing Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Is There Still a Case for Barium Enema? (M. Sheridan), Ultrasound of Colitis (R.J. Peck), CT of Colitis (R.F. Thoeni), MRI of Colitis (F. Maccioni), Colonic Scintigraphy (P.J.A. Robinson), CT Angiography of Splanchnic Vessels (A. Laghi/R. Ferrari/F. Mangiopane/S. Trenna/D. Marin/R. Passariello), Diagnosis and Management of Colonic Bleeding (I. Robertson), Colonic Lymphoma (K.T. Tung/N.Hennessy), Colorectal Trauma (D. Caroline), Diagnosis and Management of Colonic Obstruction and Pseudo-Obstruction (A.H. Chapman), Unusual Colonic Pathologies (A. Blakeborough), Advances in Colonoscopy (B. Saunders), Subject Index, List of Contributors.

Addresses the role of radiology in cancer screening

Reviews modern cancer staging techniques, including PET

Considers imaging of inflammatory and traumatic conditions of the colon

Describes colonic interventional options

Includes many detailed illustrations

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