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Prevention of Substance Use, 1st ed. 2019 Advances in Prevention Science Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Sloboda Zili, Petras Hanno, Robertson Elizabeth, Hingson Ralph

Couverture de l’ouvrage Prevention of Substance Use

This volume provides a serious examination of substance use prevention research and practice as components of the continuum from health promotion through to prevention and health care in sub-groups and in the general population. Extensive background chapters provide portals into the evolution of the field and the cutting edge research being conducted on the etiology, epidemiology, and genetics of substance use and abuse. The global nature and health burden of substance use and abuse incorporates assessments of the serious problems related to the prevention of legal substance use (i.e., alcohol and tobacco) and how lessons learned in those arenas may apply to the prevention of illicit substance use.  Research and practice chapters detail a range of effective evidence-based programs, policies and practices and emerging prevention interventions from the literatures on the family and school contexts in addition to innovations involving mindfulness and the social media. Continued advancements in substance use prevention research, practice, training, and policy are projected.

Included among topics addressed are:

  • Progression of substance use to abuse and substance use disorders
  • The tobacco prevention experience: a model for substance use prevention?
  • Policy interventions: intended and unintended influences on substance use
  • Qualitative methods in the study of psychoactive substance use
  • Use of media and social media in the prevention of substance use
  • Supporting prevention science and prevention research internationally

The array of research accomplishments and real-world methods presented in Prevention of Substance Use merits the attention of a variety of researchers and practitioners, including public health professionals, health psychologists, and epidemiologists.

Part 1:  Introduction to Substance Use.- Substance Use and the Brain Across the Lifespan.- Epidemiology of Substance Use Internationally.- An Integrative Perspective on the Etiology of Substance Use       .- Genetics and Epigenetics of Substance Use.- Progression of Substance Use to Abuse and Substance Use Disorders.- The Tobacco Prevention Experience—A Model for Substance Use Prevention?.- Alcohol Marketing and Promotion.- Part 2:  Effective Prevention Interventions and Strategies for Substance Use.- Family Processes and Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions.- The School: A Setting for Evidence-Based Prevention.- Policy Interventions:  Intended and Unintended Influences on Substance Use.- Brief Interventions as Evidence-Based Prevention Strategies.- ATOD Prevention in Diverse Communities—Research and Receptivity.- Part 3:  Methodological Challenges.- Qualitative Methods in the study of Psychoactive Substance Use.- Monitoring Trends-Use of Local Data.- The Importance of Mediational Analysis.- Sub-Group Analysis: “What Works Best For Whom and Why?”.- Adaptive Intervention Designs in Substance Use Prevention.- Ethical Issues in Substance Use Prevention Research.- Part 4:  Emerging Areas.- Creating Persuasive Substance Use Prevention Messages: The EQUIP Model.- Use of Media and Social Media in the Prevention of Substance Use.- A Role for Mindfulness and Mindfulness Training in Substance Use Prevention.- Part 5:  Future Challenges.- Microtrials and Idiographic Research.- Dissemination of Evidence-Based Prevention Interventions and Policies.- Supporting Prevention Science and Prevention Research Internationally.- The Prevention Specialist Workforce.- Prevention Systems: Structure and challenges-Europe as an Example.


Provides the current status of substance use prevention research 

Lays out a research agenda to guide both researchers and funding organizations 

Excellent supplemental text for graduate courses related to prevention science

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Ouvrage de 453 p.

17.8x25.4 cm

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