Pediatric surgery 4th Ed.

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The definitive reference on paediatric surgeryy is now in its 4 th Edition. noted for its clarity and readability, this comprehensive ressource offers authoritative, practical guidance on the entire range of paediatric surgical disorders.
I. GENERAL Physiology Of The Newborn Nutritional Support of the Pediatric Patient Anesthetic Considerations Renal Impairment Coagulopathies And Sickle Cell Disease Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Mechanical Ventilation in Pediatric Surgical Disease Vascular Access Surgical Infectious Disease Prenatal Diagnosis And Surgical Intervention. TRAUMA Foreign Bodies Bites Burns Early Assessment And Management Of Trauma Thoracic Trauma Abdominal And Renal Trauma Pediatric Head Trauma Pediatric Orthopedic Trauma. THORACIC Chest Wall Deformities Airway Malformations And Reconstruction Bronchopulmonary Malformations Acquired Pulmonary And Pleural Disorders Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia And Eventration Mediastinal Tumors The Esophagus Esophageal Artesia And Tracheoesophageal Fistula Malformations Thoracoscopy in Infants and Children. ABDOMEN Gastroesophageal Reflux Lesions Of The Stomach Intestinal Artesia And Stenosis Malrotation Meconium Disease Necrotizing Enterocolitis Hirschsprung's Disease Imperforate Anus And Cloacal Malformations Anorectal Continence And Management of Constipation Acquired Anorectal Disorders Intussusception Alimentary Tract Duplications Meckel's Diverticulum Inflammatory Bowel Disease And Intestinal Cancer Appendicitis Biliary Tract Diseases And Portal Hypertension Solid Organ Transplantation Lesions Of The Pancreas And Spleen Gastroschisis And Omphalocele Umbilical And Other Abdominal Wall Hernias Laparoscopy. INGUINAL REGION & SCROTUM Groin Hernias And Hydroceles Undescended Testis And Testicular Tumors The Acute Scrotum. UROLOGY Development And Positional Anomalies of the Kidneys Urethral Obstruction And Malformations Urinary Tract Infection And Vesicoureteral Reflux Bladder And Urethra Posterior Urethral Valves Bladder and Cloaca Exstrophy Hypospadias Circumcision Prune Belly Syndrome Intersex Urological Laparoscopy Renovascular Hypertension. NEOPLASMS Adjuvant Therapy In Childhood Cancer Renal Tumors Neuroblastoma Lesions Of The Liver Teratomas, Dermoids And Other Soft Tissue Tumors Lymphomas Rhabdomyosarcoma. SKIN & SOFT TISSUE DISEASES Nevus And Melanoma Haemangioma And Lymphangioma Head And Neck Sinuses And Masses VIIII. OTHER Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Breast Diseases in Children Endocrine Disorders And Tumors Robotic Surgery Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents
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