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Osteoporosis : genetics, prevention and treatment, Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1999 Genetics, Prevention and Treatment Coll. Endocrine Updates, Vol. 3

Langue : Français

Coordonnateurs : Adams John S., Lukert Barbara P.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Osteoporosis : genetics, prevention and treatment
Modern society is altering the lifestyle and longevity of its members much more quickly than evolutionary adaptation to these changes can take place. The problem of calcium deficiency in the population is compounded by the growing percentage of aged individuals with relatively fragile, less massive skeletons. Current-day civilizations are much more effective in prolonging human life in a state of relative debility than even a few decades ago. This reality is unlikely to change and mandates that we develop strategies to prevent aging-related diseases like osteoporosis before they become manifest. Osteoporosis: Genetics, Prevention and Treatment places emphasis on the (1) genetic predisposition, (2) early recognition and (3) prevention of osteoporosis. The intent is not to move the practitioner's attention away from intervention therapy of osteoporosis, but rather to expand their view of this disease as one beginning at birth and one in which susceptibility is manifest at the conclusion of adolescence, not at menopause. The book concludes with an informed view of the future in terms of the recognition, prevention and management of osteoporosis.
1. Osteoporosis: Understanding and Managing a Growing Health Care Problem, J.S. Adams, B.P. Lukert. I: Genetics. 2. Molecular Genetics of Skeletal Morphogenesis, V. Rosen, L. Gamer. 3. Genetics of Osteoporosis, J.S. Adams. 4. Genetic Strategies in Preclinical Osteoporosis Research, R.F. Klein. 5. Interdependence of Genetic and Epigenetic Factors in Determining Bone Strength, J. Rubin, C.T. Rubin. II: Diagnosis, Prevention, and Treatment. 6. Quantitation of Bone Mineral Density in the Growing Skeleton: Methods and Meaning, V. Gilsanz. 7. Prevention of Osteoporosis: Strategies for Optimizing Peak Bone Mass, S.H. Allen. 8. Skeletal Consequences of Physical Activity, R. Marcus. 9. Postmenopausal Osteoporosis, P.M. Doran, S. Khosla. 10. Individualizing Osteoporosis Therapy, S.L. Silverman. III: Osteoporotic Syndromes of Emerging Impact. 11. Fall Prevention and Physical Therapy, S. Rigler, S. Studenski. 12. Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Osteoporosis, E.S. Orwoll. 13. Diagnosis and Treatment of Renal Osteodystrophy, D.T. Yamaguchi, A.J. Felsenfeld. 14. Diagnosis and Treatment of Osteoporosis Associated with Immunosuppressive Therapy, M.A. Rodino, E. Shane. 15. Cancer and Bone Disease, M.S. Nanes, L. Titus. 16. Common Diseases Which May Complicate the Osteoporosis Phenotype, M. Davies. IV: The Future. 17. Understanding and Manipulating Genes, Hormones and Bone Cells, L.G. Raisz. Index.

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