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Nutrition & stroke : Prevention & treatment Prevention and Treatment

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Nutrition & stroke : Prevention & treatment
Stroke is a common and devastating health problem worldwide. Stroke often results in death or major loss of independence with great human and financial costs. Approximately 125, 000 and 500, 000 new and recurrent strokes occur each year in England and America respectively. These numbers account for about one in ten of all deaths. This book discusses new research on the link between diet and the occurrence of stroke. The research suggests that environmental factors, including diet, may be important in the source of stroke and in preventing its occurrence. This text also examines the suggestion that dietary problems not only influence the prevalence of stroke, but also influence the course and outcome. The author also asks whether or not it may be beneficial to alter the current public health messages on prevention and management of stroke and examines areas where more research is needed.
The Challenge of Stroke. Aging changes relevant to nutrition in the elderly. Macronutrients in elderly people. Diagnostic Protein Energy Undernutrition (PEU) in elderly. Dietary and nutritional factors in stroke prevention. Antioxidants and risk of ischaemic stroke. Homocysteine and stroke. Endothelial dysfunction in stroke disease: potential role of dietary factors. Oxidative damage, antioxidants and stroke. PEU after the stroke. Undernutrition after acute stroke: when does it matter? Nutritional status of stroke patients in the community. Nutritional support of elderly stroke patients. Future directions and recommendations.

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