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Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect Part I International Review of Neurobiology Series, Vol. 138

Langue : Anglais
Couverture de l’ouvrage Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect

Neurobiology of the Placebo Effect, Part I, Volume 138 in the International Review of Neurobiology series, is the first of two volumes that provide the latest placebo studies in clinically relevant models. Placebo responses effects are not merely a psychological, but a complex psycho-neuro-biological process that requires activation of distinct brain areas. This book discusses current research and projects on the involved brain circuitry and neurotransmitter systems. Specific chapters cover such topics as pharmacological conditioning of the endocrine and immune system, expectancy modulation of opioid neurotransmission, nocebo effects in visceral pain, and conditioning as a higher-order cognitive phenomenon, amongst other topics.

  1. Animal models of placebo analgesia Asaf Keller
  2. Expectancy modulation of opioid neurotransmission Marta Pecina and Jon-Kar Zubieta
  3. Placebo effects in the immune system Manfred Schedlowski, Martin Hadamitzky, Sven Benson and Wiebke Sondermann
  4. Human pharmacological conditioning of the immune and endocrine system: Challenges and opportunities Andrea Evers
  5. Response Expectancy and the Placebo Effect Irving Kirsch
  6. Conditioning as a higher-order cognitive phenomenon:  Implications for placebo research Jan De Houwer
  7. The application of persuasion theory to placebo effect Andrew L. Geers, Pablo Briñol, Erin Vogel, Olivia G. Aspiras, Fawn Caplandies and Richard Petty
  8. Mindsets Matter: A New Framework for Harnessing the Placebo Effect in Modern Medicine Alia Crum amd Sean Raymond Zion
  9. What is minimally required to elicit placebo effects? Karin Jensen
  10. Critical life functions: can placebo replace oxygen? Fabrizio Benedetti, Diletta Barbiani and Eleonora Camerone
  11. Placebos without deception: a review of their outcomes, mechanisms, and ethics Luana Colloca and Jeremy Howick
  12. Expectancy focused psychotherapy Winfried Rief, Bettina K. Doering and Julia A. Glombiew 
  13. The role of social and interpersonal factors in placebo analgesia Elizabeth Necka and Lauren Atlas 
  14. Placebo and Psychotherapy: Differences, Similarities and Implications Jens Gaab
  15. Nocebo effects in visceral pain Sigrid Elsenbruch and Franziska Labrenz 
  16.  Using learning mechanisms to inhibit the nocebo effect Veronica Frances Quinn and Ben Colagiuri 
  17.  Nocebo effects: Strategies for Prevention and Treatment Optimization Ulrike Bingel and Julian Kleine-Borgmann 
  18.  Can knowledge of placebo and nocebo mechanisms help improve the RCT? Lene Vase and Elisa Carlino

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