Neuro Spinal Surgery Operative Techniques: Micro Lumbar Discectomy
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Part of the Neuro Spinal Surgery Operative Techniques series, this book is a guide to micro lumbar discectomy, for spine surgeons and trainees. Divided into ten chapters, the book begins with an overview of basic anatomy and the importance of preoperative planning.

The following chapters discuss different case scenarios and the most appropriate operative techniques, as well as potential complications and their avoidance. The remaining chapters cover epidural medications, instruments, microscopes, and more.

The book is enhanced by nearly 300 images, including intraoperative photographs. Other titles in the series include Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion , and Lateral Mass Fixation in Sub-axial Cervical Spine .
- 1. Basic Applied Anatomy
- 2. Preoperative Preparations
- 3. Operative Techniques with Case Examples
- 4. On-table Complications
- 5. Steps to Prevent Epidural Fibrosis
- 6. Epidural Medications
- 7. Micro Lumbar Double-hook Retractors
- 8. Instruments
- 9. Microscopes and Magnifying Loupes
- 10. Final Thoughts
- Index
JKBC Parthiban MCh (Neurosurgery) FNS Senior Consultant (Neurosurgery and Spine Neurosurgery) - Kovai Medical Centre and Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India