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Immunonutrition Interactions of Diet, Genetics, and Inflammation

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Aggarwal Bharat B., Heber David

Couverture de l’ouvrage Immunonutrition

The interaction of immune function and nutrition underlies the low-grade chronic inflammation involved in the etiology of many common obesity-associated and age-related chronic disease conditions. This close interaction is the genesis of the term immunonutrition, which represents a new interdisciplinary field of nutritional and medical research. Immunonutrition: Interactions of Diet, Genetics, and Inflammation introduces the breadth of this field, which implicates nutrition in both immune function and in the etiology, prevention, and treatment of common diseases influenced by inflammation and immune imbalance, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, autoimmune diseases, and common forms of cancer. The book begins by reviewing the basic mechanisms of immunity and cellular mechanisms of cytokine activation. It discusses the effects of dietary fat intake and changes in Western diet and lifestyle linked to inflammation. It also describes the interaction of genetics and environment in the modulation of immune function and inflammation, and addresses exercise and skeletal muscle as an endocrine and immune organ. The book reviews the entire spectrum of inflammation and cancer from causation to its role in tumor therapy. It examines abdominal obesity and metabolic diseases, interactions between nutrition and autoimmunity in systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammation associated with type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and asthma. Considering potential nutrition-based treatments, the book explores approaches for reducing abdominal obesity, anti-inflammatory effects of phytochemicals, practical strategies for increasing fruit and vegetable intake, and anti-inflammatory properties of spice phytonutrients. In addition, it explores how uninformed food choices related to fats and oils create a balance of tissue-selective signals that produce harmful health outcomes and how to restore a healthy balance.

Evolution of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
David Heber and Bharat Aggarwal

Cellular Mechanisms of Cytokine Activation
David Heber and Bharat Aggarwal

Cellular Lipids and Inflammation
David Heber and Susanne Henning

Biomarkers of Inflammation and the Western Diet
David Heber and Susanne Henning

Phytochemicals and Immune Function
David Heber

Genetic and Environmental Modifiers of Immune Function
David Heber

Cancer and Inflammation
David Heber

Abdominal Obesity: Pathophysiology and Related Metabolic Complications
Ana F.T.A. Junqueria and Caroline M. Apovian

Type 2 Diabetes and Inflammation
Zhaoping Li and David Heber

Heart Disease and Inflammation
Kaveh Daniel Navab

Chronic Kidney Disease and Inflammation
Karl J. Neff and Carel Le Roux

Alzheimer’s Disease and Inflammation
Stephen T. Chen and Gary W. Small

Nutrition in Autoimmunity: A Focus on Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Maureen McMahon

Asthma and Inflammation
Andre Nel and David Heber

Muscle and Immune Function
Anthony Thomas and David Heber

Approaches to Reducing Abdominal Obesity
Zhaoping Li and David Heber

Barriers to Fruit and Vegetable Consumption and Practical Strategies for Increasing Fruit and Vegetable Intake
Susan Bowerman

Healthy Fats and Oils: Balancing Omega-3 and Omega-6 Acids in Tissues
Bill Lands

Spices and Dietary Supplements with Anti-Inflammatory Activity
Bharat Aggarwal and David Heber

Nutrition scientists, health practitioners, cell biologists, molecular biologists, nutritionists/dietitians, allied healthcare professionals, nurses, pharmacists, naturopathic doctors, and students in these fields.

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