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Hematopathology and Coagulation Self-Assessment and board review

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Hematopathology and Coagulation
A clear understanding of key areas in hematopathology, hematology and coagulation is essential for all trainees preparing to take their American Board of Pathology exams. This text offers a series of increasingly challenging multiple-choice questions and answers designed to help strengthen your knowledge. Question papers cover all areas of study, from red blood cell count and coagulation disorders to hematopoietic neoplasms. Each answer is accompanied by explanations and overviews of associated topics, enabling you to learn from mistakes and to revise effectively.

Part I. Non Neoplastic Hematology
1. RBC disorders
. Answers to chapter 1
. Answers to chapter 1 (with explanations)
2. Non neoplastic WBC and platelet disorders
. Answers to chapter 2
. Answers to chapter 2 (with explanations)
3. Benign lymph node
. Answers to chapter 3
. Answers to chapter 3 (with explanations)

Part II. Hematopoietic Neoplasms
4. Myeloid neoplasms
. Answers to chapter 4
. Answers to chapter 4 (with explanations)
5. Mature B cell lymphomas, plasma cell neoplasms and Hodgkin lymphoma
. Answers to chapter 5
. Answers to chapter 5 (with explanations)
6. Mature T cell and NK cell neoplasms
. Answers to chapter 6
. Answers to chapter 6 (with explanations)
Part III. Haemostasis and Coagulopathy:
7. Coagulation disorders
. Answers to chapter 7
. Answers to chapter 7 (with explanations).
Amer Wahed
University of Texas Health Science Center
Amer Wahed trained in Internal Medicine at Hammersmith Hospital, London, and in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology at the University of Texas, Houston where he gained a fellowship in hematopathology. Having worked in the private sector, he returned to the University of Texas in 2011 and is currently an associate professor, as well as the associate program director for residency education.

Jesse Manuel Jaso
University of Texas Health Science Center
He is currently an assistant professor in the Department of Pathology at the University of Texas, Houston, and is the Medical Director of the clinical pathology laboratory at Lyndon B. Johnson Hospital, Texas.

Ashok Tholpady
University of Texas Health Science Center
He currently serves as Assistant Director of Transfusion Medicine at the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, where his research focus is on coagulation-based tests and clinical effectiveness for transfusion support.

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