Fetal & pediatric ultrasound : a casebook approach ISE

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This complete, leading-edge ultrasound atlas covers entities diagnosed by ultrasound in pediatric, as well as third trimester cases. A valuable reference tool for sonographers, radiologists, perinatologists, and Ob/Gyns. Includes cases diagnosed by grey scale, duplex, color, and power doppler imaging.
Part 1: THE FETUS. Section A. Head and Neck. Section B. Fetal Chest. Section C. Abdomen. Section D. Genital Cyst. Section E. Musculoskeletal System. Section F. General Obstetrics and Miscellaneous. Part 2: THE PEDIATRIC PATIENT. Section A. Central Nervous System. Section B. Hepatobiliary System. Section C. Spleen. Section D. Pancreas. Section E. Adrenal Gland. Section F. Urinary Tract. Section G. Gastrointestinal Tract, Mesentery, and Peritoneal Cavity. Section H. Gynecologic Tract. Section J. Tests. Section K. Miscellaneous: Neck, Chest, and Musculoskeletal System.