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Eye diseases in hot climates (5th Ed.)

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Eye diseases in hot climates

This well-established clinical textbook covers the spectrum of eye disorders but with a focus on the major preventable and treatable causes of blindness in developing countries. Written specifically to address the information needs of doctors, nurses and medical assistants involved in managing eye patients in tropical and developing nations, the book's practical approach is designed to support those working with limited specialist supervision and equipment. Introductory chapters on anatomy and physiology of the eye and clinical skills are followed by chapters devoted to specific conditions such as xerophthalmia, onchocerciasis, leprosy and HIV. Also included are chapters on paediatric eye disease and visual impairment, and a practical guide to the diagnosis of common eye disorders. Thoroughly revised and updated both in terms of text and illustration, Eye Diseases in Hot Climates Fifth Edition continues to provide relevant, practical advice for health care providers caring for eye patients in nations where blindness and visual impairment remain prevalent. Major rewrite of all chapters, incorporating many new treatments that are increasingly accessible in poorer countries, particularly for retinal disease, trachoma and HIV. Thorough update on current epidemiology of worldwide visual impairment and blindness. Major overhaul of photographs and illustrations: almost all replaced with new, high quality images

1. Introduction
2. Basic anatomy and physiology of the eye
3. Clinical methods: history taking and eye examination
4. Principles of treatment
5. Ophthalmic optics and the correction of refractive errors
6. The eyelids and the lacrimal apparatus
7. Diseases of the conjunctiva
8. Trachoma
9. The cornea
10. Xerophthalmia and nutritional corneal ulceration
11. Diseases of the uvea
12. Diseases of the lens
13. Diseases of the retina
14. Diseases of the optic nerve and visual pathways
15. Glaucoma
16. Onchocerciasis and other parasitic diseases
17. Leprosy and the eye
18. Squint and other disorders of eye movement
19. Orbital diseases
20. HIV/AIDS and the eye
21. Eye injuries
22. Eye disease and visual impairment in children
23. Diagnosis of common eye conditions

Saul N Rajak FRCOphth PhD
Fellow in Oculoplastics, Sussex Eye Hospital
Brighton; Honorary Lecturer, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK

John Sandford-Smith FRCS FRCOphth OBE
Emeritus Consultant, University of Leicester, Leicester, UK



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