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Enhancing Healthcare and Rehabilitation The Impact of Qualitative Research Rehabilitation Science in Practice Series

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateurs : Hayre Christopher M., Muller Dave J.

Couverture de l’ouvrage Enhancing Healthcare and Rehabilitation

Summary Description

    This book is primarily a celebration of the qualitative work undertaken internationally by a number of experienced researchers. It also focuses on developing the use of qualitative research for health and rehabilitative practitioners by recognizing its value methodologically and empirically. We find that the very nature of qualitative research offers an array of opportunities for researchers in being able to understand the social world around us. Further, through experience and discussion, this book identifies the multifaceted use of qualitative methods in the healthcare and rehabilitative setting. This book touches on the role of the researcher, the participants involved, and the research environment. In short, we see how these three central elements can affect the nature of qualitative work in attempts to offer originality. This text speaks to a number of audiences. Students who are writing undergraduate dissertations and research proposals, they may find the myriad of examples stimulating and may support the rationale for methodological decisions in their own work. For academics, practitioners, and prospective qualitative researchers this book also aims to demonstrate an array of opportunism in the field of qualitative research and how they may resonate with arguments proffered. It is anticipated that readers will find this collection of qualitative examples not only useful for informing their own research, but we also hope to enlighten new discussions and arguments regarding both methodological and empirical use of qualitative work internationally.


  • Encompasses the importance of qualitative research and how it can be used to facilitate healthcare and rehabilitation across a wide range of health conditions.
  • Evaluates empirical data whilst critically applying it to contemporary practices.
  • Provides readers with an overview with future directions and influence policy makers in order to develop practice.?
  • Focuses on an array of health conditions that can affect groups of the population, coincided with life issues and the care and family support received.
  • Offers innovative methodological insights for prospective researchers in order to add to the existing evidence base.


1. Introduction.  2. Qualitative Research in Rehabilitation.  3. Children and Young Adults. 4. Life Issues. 5. Older People. 6. Caregivers and Family Support. 7. Policymakers.

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