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Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine (2nd Ed.) (2nd Ed.) A Comprehensive Guide

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine (2nd Ed.)
This major, new book is a complete, easily accessed and highly illustrated guide to diagnosis in Chinese Medicine. Emphasis is placed on "real world" issues and symptoms, and the text focuses on clear interpretations of signs and symptoms - the practice beyond the theory. Since Chinese medicine diagnosis relies on a subjective appraisal of the patient's symptoms and signs - which form a pattern - many factors beyond traditional Western symptoms are taken into consideration e.g. a patient's voice, the absence of thirst, feeling hot or cold, the patient's smell, tone of voice, glitter of eyes. Thus, Chinese diagnosis is based on a subtle appraisal of a patient's disharmony, which may not be a "disease" at all, and as such requires careful interpretation of a range of nuances. This book will help lead students and practitioners through basic on to sophisticated levels of diagnostic interpretation

Part I: Diagnosis by Observation Section 1: Observation of the Body, Mind and Complexion 1. Observation Of The Body Shape, Physique And Demeanor 2. Observation Of The Mind, Spirit And Emotion 3. Observation Of The Complexion Color 4. Observation Of Body Movements

Section 2: Parts of the Body 5. Observation Of Head, Face And Hair 6. Observation Of The Eyes 7. Observation Of The Nose 8. Observation Of Lips, Mouth, Palate, Teeth, Gums And Philtrum 9. Observation Of The Ears 10. Observation Of Throat And Neck 11. Observation Of The Back 12. Observation Of Women's Breasts 13. Observation Of The Heartbeat 14. Observation Of The Hands 15. Observation Of The Nails 16. Observation Of The Chest And Abdomen 17. Observation Of Genitalia 18. Observation Of The Four Limbs 19. Observation Of The Legs 20. Observation Of Excretions 21. Observation Of The Skin 22. Observation In Children

Section 3: Tongue Diagnosis 23. Tongue Diagnosis 24. Tongue-Body Color 25. Tongue Body Shape 26. Tongue Coating 27. Tongue Images And Patterns

Part II: Diagnosis by Interrogation 28. Introduction 29. Pain 30. Food And Taste 31. Stools And Urine 32. Thirst And Drink 33. Energy Levels 34. Head 35. Face 36. Throat And Neck 37. Body 38. Chest And Abdomen 39. Limbs 40. Sleep 41. Sweating 42. Ears And Eyes 43. Feeling Of Cold, Feeling Of Heat And Fever 44. Mental-Emotional Symptoms 45. Sexual Symptoms 46. Women's Symptoms 47. Children's Symptoms 48. Diagnosing The Causes Of Disease

Part III: Diagnosis by Palpation 49. Diagnosis by Palpation 50. Pulse Qualities 51. Palpation Of Parts Of The Body 52. Palpation Of Channels

Part IV: Diagnosis by Hearing and Smelling 53. Diagnosis By Hearing 54. Diagnosis By Smelling

Part V: Symptoms and Signs Section 1: Symptoms and Signs of Parts of the Body 55. Head And Face 56. Face Color 57. Ears 58. Nose 59. Throat 60. Mouth, Tongue, Teeth, Gums, Lips, Palate And Philtrum 61. Eyes 62. Neck, Shoulders And Upper Back 63. Chest 64. Limbs 65. Arms 66. Legs 67. Lower Back 68. Body 69. Digestive System And Taste 70. Thirst And Drink 71. Abdomen 72. Defecation 73. Urination 74. Anus 75. Men's Sexual And Genital Symptoms 76. Sweating 77. Skin Signs 78. Emotional Symptoms 79. Mental And Emotional Symptoms 80. Mental Difficulties 81. Sleep 82. Feeling Of Cold, Feeling Of Heat, Fever 83. Voice, Speech And Sounds

Section 2: Gynecological Symptoms and Signs 84. Menstrual Symptoms 85. Problems At Period Time 86. Problems Of Pregnancy 87. Problems After Childbirth 88. Breast Signs 89. Miscellaneous Gynecological Symptoms

Section 3: Pediatric Symptoms and Signs 90. Children's Problems

Part VI: Identification of Internal Organ Patterns 91. Heart 92. Spleen 93. Liver 94. Lungs 95. Kidneys 96. Small Intestine 97. Stomach 98. Gall-Bladder 99. Large Intestine 100. Bladder

Appendices Appendix 1: Case Histories Appendix 2: Prescriptions Appendix 3: History of Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

Glossary Bibliography Chinese Chronology

Chinese medicine students and practitioners (acupuncturists, Chinese Herbalists, Chinese massage practitioners)
Giovanni Maciocia is one of the most highly-regarded and respected authors and lecturers in the West. He is Visiting Associate Professor at the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has many years of experience in teaching and practice. Giovanni trained initially in the UK and then in China, learned Chinese to be able to study from original Chinese texts, and was one of the first practitioners and authors to introduce Chinese medicine in a clear and accessible way to a Western student audience.

Giovanni Maciocia has written other best-selling books under the Elsevier Churchill Livingstone imprint - The Practice of Chinese Medicine: The Treatment of Diseases with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, 2e (ISBN 978-0443074905), Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Guide, 1e (ISBN 9780443064487), The Channels of Acupuncture: Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels, 1e (ISBN 9780443074912), The Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disharmonies with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs, 1e (ISBN 9780702029882), and Obstetrics and Gynecology in Chinese Medicine, 2e (ISBN 9780443104220).

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19.5x25.2 cm

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