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Dermatopathology, (with CD-ROM), 2006

Langue : Français

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Dermatopathology, (with CD-ROM)
Dermatopathology is a field of increasing importance for pathologists as well as dermatologists. This book introduces the principles of microscopic pathology of acquired skin diseases in a concise, yet comprehensive manner. The underlying mechanisms of the different diseases are discussed with reference to modern knowledge about immunology, molecular biology, and inflammatory response to infections and injury. It focuses on relevant processes in basic pathology in those skin diseases the practitioner is confronted with in his daily practice together with short clinical descriptions and case studies. The accompanying picture CD-ROM allows for enlargement of the illustrations. The book is of interest to residents and practicing pathologists and dermatologists alike.
System requirements : Drive: CD-ROM: 2x, DVD-ROM. Free disk space: 100MB. Operating system: Macintosh: MacOS 9.x, MacOS X, Windows: 2000, 98 SE, ME, NT 4.0, XP. Processor: Apple Power Mac G3, Apple Power Mac G4, Apple Power Mac G5 , PC with more than 233 MHz , PC with more than 350 MHz , PC with more than 1,4 GHz , PC with more than 75 MHz. RAM: 128 MB.
Requirements for Optimum Yield of Skin Biopsy.- The Dermal Lymphatic Vasculature.- The Dermal Blood Vasculature.- The Immune Response. - Inflammatory Response of Infections and Injuries. - Postmortem Change and Cell Death in the Living Body. - Vasculitis.- Vascular Lesions due to Abnormalities in Blood Components.- Arteriolosclerosis.- Buerger Disease (Thromboangiitis Obliterans).- Intravascular Tumor Growth. - Infections Caused by Common Pyogenic Bacteria. - Fungal Infections.- Demodicidosis.- Infections due to Mycobacteria.- Infections due to Spirochetes. - Leishmaniasis.- Herpes Virus Infections.- Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis and Mucous Membranes.- Dermatitis (Eczema). - Psoriasis.- Lichen Planus and Lichen Nitidus.- Autoimmune Vesicular, Pustular, and Bullous Diseases, Differential Diagnosis.- Vesicular/Bullous Diseases with Tendency to Recurrences.- Drug Reactions.- Atrifacts.- Glossary.
From the reviews:"Eva Brehmer-Andersson has brought her great experience to bear in writing this excellent book. ... The book is very well illustrated in black and white. ... quality of the photographs is high. ... the book is intended to serve as an introduction to dermatopathology for future pathologists and dermatologists. ... I think that the book has its greatest value for those with experience and particular interest in dermatopathology who want to gain new and deeper understanding of those aspects that are discussed in more detail." (Per Westermark, Acta Dermato-Venereologica, Vol. 87, 2007)

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