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Delivery of Therapeutics for Biogerontological Interventions From Concepts to Experimental Design

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Delivery of Therapeutics for Biogerontological Interventions

Delivery of Therapeutics for Biogerontological Interventions: From Concepts to Experimental Design provides an exploration of the translation of bench works to practicable tactics to retard the aging process. Using the support from recent advances reported in literature, this title takes advantage of delivery technologies to develop biogerontological interventions, from concepts to testable experimental design. The comprehensive overview provided will facilitate planning of research in interventive biogerontology, and will point to clearer directions for translation of existing advances in delivery technologies from the laboratory to real practice. This is a perfect reference and a starting point for scientists, clinicians, as well as those working or interested in the field of biogerontology, biomedicine or nanotechnology.

  • Provides the first comprehensive reference that guides researchers through the process of intervention development, from concepts to practicable interventions
  • Covers significant applied aspects of information needed for exploiting the use of delivery technologies in intervention biogerontology
  • Presents complete coverage of advances in the field, supported by full color photographs, figures, and references

1. Theoretical frameworks of lifespan prolongation 2. Delivery of therapeutics for regenerative innovations: an overview

Section II: From Plans to Technologies 3. Design of cyclodextrin-based molecular probes, and the potential use in anti-aging medicine 4. Fabrication of polymeric vectors for gene therapy of age-related diseases 5. Design of upconversion nanoparticles for theranostic interventions in anti-aging medicine 6. Preparation of hydrogel-based nanoparticulate systems for biogerontological interventions 7. Electrospray techniques to engineer microgels for multi-drug therapy of age-related diseases 8. Microfluidic methods for gene therapy of age-related diseases 9. Methods to apply cyclodextrins for gene therapy in anti-aging medicine 10. Manipulation of protein kinases for interventive biogerontology 11. Modulation of microRNA expression for tissue regeneration 12. Hydrogel-mediated delivery of herbal medicines to combat aging 13. Adenosine triphosphate as a potential mediator of the aging process

Scientists, clinicians, as well as the general audience who is working or interested in the field of biogerontology, biomedicine and nanotechnology.

Dr. Lai received his MSc degree in Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology from the City University of Hong Kong, and earned his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Hong Kong. He joined the faculty of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Shenzhen University in 2016, and is also holding an adjunct assistant
professorship in the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests cover the design of molecular probes for bioimaging, the synthesis of polymeric materials for gene delivery and controlled drug release, and the development of nanoparticulate systems for theranostic applications.

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