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Cooper's Fundamentals of Hand Therapy (3rd Ed.) Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Cooper's Fundamentals of Hand Therapy

Written for hand therapy specialists and non-specialists, Cooper's Fundamentals of Hand Therapy, 3rd Edition emphasizes treatment fundamentals, and provides tips and guidelines for hand therapy practice. This easy-to-use illustrated text and reference guide helps further develop your clinical reasoning skills by describing what goes into the evaluation process, highlighting the humanistic side of each encounter through case studies, and providing the wisdom the contributing authors have acquired through years of practice. This new edition also features additional chapters on the use of common physical agents and orthoses, plus added content on how to integrate evidence-based findings into daily hand practice.

Part One: Fundamentals 1. Fundamentals: Hand Therapy Concepts and Treatment Techniques 2. Evidence-Based Practice: The Basic Tools 3. Functional Anatomy 4. Evaluation of the Hand and Upper Extremity 5. Assessment of Functional Outcomes 6. Hand Coordination 7. Orthoses: Essential Concepts 8. Fundamentals of Edema Management 9. Physical Agent Modalities in the Hand Clinic 10. Tissue-Specific Exercises for the Upper Extremity 11. Clinical Reasoning and Problem-Solving in Upper Extremity Rehabilitation 12. Fundamentals of Client-Therapist Rapport 13. Facilitating Adherence to the Plan of Care 14. Narratives in Hand Therapy 15. Utilization of Therapy Assistants in Hand Therapy 16. Some Thoughts on Professionalism

Part Two: Clinical Reasoning and Treatment Guidelines for Common Diagnoses of the Upper Extremity 17. Wounds 18. Common Shoulder Diagnoses 19. Elbow Diagnoses 20. Peripheral Nerve Problems 21. Wrist Fractures 22. Wrist Instabilities 23. Hand Fractures 24. Elbow, Wrist, and Hand Tendinopathies 25. Finger Sprains and Deformities 26. Flexor Tendon Injury 27. Extensor Tendon Injury 28. Tendon and Nerve Transfers 29. Arthritis 30. Burns 31. Infections 32. Dupuytren Contracture 33. Ganglions and Tumors of the Hand and Wrist 34. Traumatic Hand Injury Involving Multiple Structures 35. The Stiff Hand 36. The Neurologic Hand 37. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Pain 38. Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy 39. Functional Somatic Syndromes or Challenging Behavior Index

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