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Clinical practice in sexually transmissible infections

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Clinical practice in sexually transmissible infections
This new, one-stop reference source combines authoritative coverage of clinical practice in sexually transmitted diseases and sexual health with a unique and comprehensive collection of 500 superb color photographs to illustrate the key features of this worldwide problem. Each chapter follows a logical format : Introduction, Virology, Pathology, Pathogenesis, Epidemiology, Clinical Features, Complications of Infection, Laboratory Diagnosis, Management, Prevention of Transmission, and Special Circumstances. Emphasizing the clinical approach to the management of the patient with a sexually transmissible infection, it contains sufficient basic science to allow the reader to examine critically the rationale behind the available diagnostic tests and treatments. Features : colorful algorithms to facilitate discussion on patient diagnosis, management, and treatment. Includes Centers for Disease Control's guidelines in each chapter where applicable. Covers practical techniques of history and specimen taking in patients with suspected STD. Boxed summary points of clinical guidelines/management options in each chapter. Addresses key areas of screening, counseling, and risk reduction, vital to infection control. Includes quality control best practice» guidelines wherever possible. Discusses new fundamental mechanisms of disease, translated into everyday clinical practice.
Introduction. Viral infections. Bacterial, protozoal and arthropod infections.
STD specialists, ID physicians, obstetricians genitourinary physicians, primary care practitioners, pathologists, microbiologists, any other healthcare personnel involved in the management of sexually transmissible infections

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