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Atlas of Small Parts Ultrasound with Color Flow Imaging (4th Ed.)

Langue : Anglais

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Atlas of Small Parts Ultrasound with Color Flow Imaging
This fourth edition has been fully revised to provide radiologists with the most up to date ultrasound images and information for diagnosing and treating disorders in various crucial organs.

Fifteen section present more than 3500 high resolution sonographic images in the eye and orbit, face, salivary gland, gastrointestinal system, prostate, genitalia, peripheral chest, and much more.

The book has been completely rewritten and includes new chapters on face, sperm transport system, ambiguous genitalia and intersex. More than 70% of the images have been replaced with new images using 3D multiplanar tomographic ultrasound imaging.

Each topic covers both common and less common pathologies, and CT and MRI images are also included to enhance understanding.
- Chapter 1: Eye and orbit
- Chapter 2: Face
- Chapter 3: Thyroid
- Chapter 4: Neck
- Chapter 5: Salivary Gland
- Chapter 6: Cranial Ultrasound
- Chapter 7: Peripheral Chest
- Chapter 8: Breast
- Chapter 9: Gastrointestinal System
- Chapter 10: Prostate
- Chapter 11: Sperm Transport System
- Chapter 12: Scrotum and Testes
- Chapter 13: Ambiguous Genitalia and Intersex
- Chapter 14: Penis
- Chapter 15: Anterior Abdominal Wall
- Index
Practising Radiologists
PK Srivastava - Professor, Whole Body CT Scan and Ultrasound Unit, Department of Radiotherapy, King Georges Medical University, Lucknow, India

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