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Atlas of Peripheral Retinal Pathology and Retinal Detachment, 1st ed. 2019

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This superbly illustrated atlas, featuring retinal photographs of exceptional quality, documents the presentation and progression of peripheral diseases of the retina and provides guidance on their treatment. Given the propensity of such peripheral lesions to lead to retinal detachment, detailed consideration is given to their analysis and to the prevention of retinal detachment, with inclusion of treatment and surveillance algorithms and explanation of risks. Numerous clinical cases of retinoschisis and its relationship to retinal detachment are presented, and extensive attention is devoted to rhegmatogenous retinal detachment. A range of relevant complications following surgery or, for example, the use of silicone oil or perfluorocarbon liquid are illustrated, and the closing chapter addresses different causes of secondary retinal detachment. The Atlas of Peripheral Retinal Pathology and Retinal Detachment offers a unique collection of clinical cases that will greatly assist ophthalmologists in the daily challenge of exploring, analyzing, and treating lesions of the peripheral retina and retinal detachment.
​LESIONS IN THE PERIPHERAL RETINA: Peripheral Retinal Degenerations.- OCT: Retinal Tears and the Vitreous.  PREVENTING RETINAL DETACHMENT: Indications.- Techniques.- Illustration of Results.- The Pitfalls of Prevention.  RHEGMATOGENOUS RETINAL DETACHMENT: Semiology.- Uncomplicated Retinal Detachment with Flap Tears.- Spontaneous Chronic Retinal Detachment.- Retinal Detachments due to Giant Retinal Tears and Dialysis.- Post-Traumatic Retinal Detachments.- Retinal Detachments with Proliferative Vitreoreinopathy: How to Treat?.- Retinal Detachments Combined with Degenerative Vitreous Syndrome.- Retinal Detachments and Choroidal Detachment. RETINOSCHISIS: Degenerative Retinoschisis.- Pathogenesis of Retinoschisis-Detachments. TECHNICAL NOTES: Material.- Techniques. COMPLICATIONS: Central Postoperative Scotoma.- Epiretinal Membranes (ERM).- Postoperative Macular Puckers.- Complications Related to Scleral Buckle Material.- Choroidal Detachments: Uveal Effusion and Suprachroidal Haemorrhage.- Complications Related to Silicone Oil.- Complications Related to Perfluorocarbon Liquid (PFCL).- Post-Operative Recurrent Vitreous Haemorrhage.- Post-Operative Partial Detachment.- Post-Operative Zonular Ruptures.- Other Complications. SECONDARY RETINAL DETACHMENTS.

Presents a unique collection of photographs and images of the peripheral retina and retinal detachment

Enables full and rapid understanding of peripheral retinal lesions

Features surgical images that will help in deciding on the correct treatment of retinal detachment

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