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Antimicrobial Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Processes

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Couverture de l’ouvrage Antimicrobial Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Processes
Antimicrobial resistance is arguably the greatest threat to worldwide human health. This book evaluates the roles of human water use, treatment and conservation in the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance. Designed as a companion volume to Antimicrobial Resistance in the Environment (Wiley-Blackwell, 2012), this book is a multi-disciplinary synthesis of topics related to antimicrobial resistance and wastewater treatment processes.

Antimicrobial Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Processes assembles detailed discussions written by many of the world's best-known experts in microbiology, civil engineering, chemistry, environmental science, public health and related fields.

The book presents a collection of subjects that includes:
- Current knowledge of the role of the environment in development and spread of antimicrobial resistance
- Chemical analysis of antibiotics in environmental samples
- Molecular methods for analysis of antimicrobial resistance genes
- Advanced wastewater treatment processes and antimicrobial resistance effects
- Public perception of risk related to health consequences of antimicrobial resistance
- Public health implications of antimicrobial resistance with focus on wastewater treatment processes

Antimicrobial resistance has gained a foothold in the global consciousness as a serious public health threat. There is a much greater appreciation for the role of the environment in the dissemination of antimicrobial resistance and the effects of pollutants that can potentially promote development of resistance in bacteria. Contaminants released from wastewater treatment plants are a concern. In Antimicrobial Resistance in Wastewater Treatment Processes, readers will be guided through examinations of the current science related to this important health issue.
- List of Contributors
- Preface
- Préface
- About the Cover Artist
- List of Abbreviations xxiii
- 1 Antimicrobial Resistance Genes and Wastewater Treatment
- 2 When Pathogens and Environmental Organisms Meet: Consequences for Antibiotic Resistance
- 3 One Health: The Role Wastewater Treatment Plants Play as Reservoirs, Amplifiers, and Transmitters of Antibiotic Resistance Genes and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria
- 4 Assessing the Impact of Wastewater Treatment Plants on Environmental Levels of Antibiotic Resistance
- 5 Navigating through the Challenges Associated with the Analysis of Antimicrobials and Their Transformation Products in Wastewater
- 6 Metagenomic Approaches for Antibiotic Resistance Gene Detection in Wastewater Treatment Plants
- 7 Antimicrobials and Antimicrobial Resistant Bacteria in Australia
- 8 The Mobile Resistome in Wastewater Treatment Facilities and Downstream Environments
- 9 Bacterial Diversity and Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Treatment Plant Influents and Effluents
- 10 The Effect of Advanced Treatment Technologies on the Removal of Antibiotic Resistance
- 11 Antimicrobial Resistance Spread Mediated by Wastewater Irrigation: The Mezquital Valley Case Study
- 12 Antimicrobial Resistance Related to Agricultural Wastewater and Biosolids
- 13 Environmental Antibiotic Resistance Associated with Land Application of Biosolids
- 14 High Throughput Method for Analyzing Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Wastewater Treatment Plants
- 15 Antibiotic Resistance and Wastewater Treatment Process
- 16 Antibiotic Pollution and Occurrence of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Latin American Developing Countries: Case Study of the Katari Watershed in the Bolivian Highlands
- 17 Antimicrobial Resistance in Hospital Wastewaters
- 18 Curbing the Resistance Movement: Examining Public Perception of the Spread of Antibiotic Resistant Organisms
- Index

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