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Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives (4th Ed.)

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This is a new edition of a highly popular text which presents the fascinating field of reproductive anatomy and physiology in a style which is perfect for student midwives.

Presenting often complex information in an easy-to-understand manner, this useful volume builds up from the founding principles of human structure and function through to conception, embryological development and foetal growth, parturition and the transition to neonatal life. Fully updated throughout with the latest advances in the field, additional topics include sexual differentiation and behaviour, human genetics and genetic disorders, immunology, and maternal and infant nutrition.

Containing over 200 line artworks to support the text, each chapter comes with Learning Outcome boxes, CaseStudies, Key Points and Application to Practice boxes, all of which reinforce learning and help 'bring the subject to life'.

A well-established introduction to the science underpinning modern midwifery practice, Anatomy and Physiology for Midwives 4th edition will be ideal for all students of midwifery, including anyone returning to practice.

List of abbreviations 1. Introduction to Physiology 2. The Reproductive and Urinary Systems 3. Endocrinology 4. Reproductive Cycles 5. Sexual Differentiation and Behaviour 6. Fertilisation 7. Overview of Human Genetics and Genetic Disorders 8. The Placenta 9. Embryo Development and Fetal Growth 10. Overview of Immunology 11. Physiological Adaptation to Pregnancy 12. Maternal Nutrition and Health 13. Physiology of Parturition 14. The Puerperium 15. The Transition to Neonatal Life 16. Lactation and Infant Nutrition Glossary Index

Midwifery students

Kevin Pedley is an Associate Professor in Physiology at Massey University in Palmerston North, New Zealand, having moved from King's College London in 2011. Kevin is actively involved in the teaching of first, second and third year undergraduate physiology as well as postgraduate level physiology and is subject leader for the B.Sc. Physiology major. He is also active in research and in supervision of PhD students who are mainly focused on the study of cell function in the gastrointestinal tract. These studies have included the mechanisms of insulin secretion, water and electrolyte transport in colonic epithelium, gastric acid secretion by parietal cells and its targeting and disruption by gastric parasites and, most recently, the mechanisms of iron transport in duodenal enterocytes. His research has employed a variety of experimental approaches including the use of intra-vital fluorescence and confocal imaging of living cells and tissues, epithelia and epithelial organoids grown in vitro, as well as in vivo studies in animals.
Melvyn Dunstall BSc Msc PGCEA RM RGN

Lecturer/Practitioner in Midwifery, Frimley Park Hospital; Supervisor of Midwives

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