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Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science Volume 2: Otoprotection, Regeneration, and Telemedicine

Langue : Anglais

Coordonnateur : Hatzopoulos Stavros

With chapters from audiology professionals from around the world, Advances in Audiology and Hearing Science presented in two volumes?provides an abundance of information on the latest technological and procedural advances in this ever-improving field.

Volume 1 primarily focuses on revised clinical protocols and provides information on new research to help guide decisions and criteria regarding diagnosis, management, and treatment of hearing-related issues. Topics include new clinical applications such as auditory steady-state response, wideband acoustic immittance, otoacoustic emissions, frequency following response, noise exposure, genomics and hearing loss, and more.

Volume 2: Otoprotection, Regeneration, and Telemedicine includes sections with material related to hearing devices, hearing in special populations, such as the children and the elderly, as well chapters on the fast-growing subfields of otoprotection and regeneration, including pharmacologic otoprotection, stem cells, and nanotechnology.


1. Assessment of Early Auditory Development in Children after Cochlear Implantation
Artur Lorens, Anita Obrycka, and Henryk Skarzynski

2. Hearing Aids for the Pediatric Population
Katia de Almeida and Maria Cecília Martinelli

3. Music Therapy as Specific and Complementary Training in the Early Rehabilitation of Adult CI Users: Insights from the “Heidelberg Model”
Heike Argstatter and Elisabeth Hutter

4. The Active Middle Ear Implant Vibrant Soundbridge: Outcomes on Safety, Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Subjective Benefit 1996–2017
Michael Urban, Francesca Scandurra, Anna Truntschnig, Severin Fuerhapter, and Geoffrey Ball

5. Cochlear Implants with Elderly Individuals and Quality of Life

Virginia Corazzi, Andrea Ciorba, and Claudia Aimoni

6. Screening Tools for Otological Function in Older Adults
Federica Di Berardino, Diego Zanetti, and Barbara Weinstein

7. Towards Clinical Pharmacologic Otoprotection

Colleen G. Le Prell, Kelly Roth, and Kathleen C. M. Campbell

8. Clinical Test Paradigms and Problems: Human Otoprotection Studies
Colleen G. Le Prell and Kathleen C. M. Campbell

9. Stem Cells and Nanotechnology
Laura Astolfi and Serena Danti

10. Tinnitus
Agnieszka Szczepek

11. Teleaudiology

Maciej Ludwikowski, Piotr H. Skarzynski, Mark Krumm, Karolina Penar, and Stavros Hatzopoulos

12. Mhealth Solutions in Hearing Care for Sub-Saharan Africa
Faheema Mahomed Asmail and De Wet Swanepoel

13. Teleaudiology Practices in Asia
Vidya Ramkumar

14. Terms, Regulations, and Concepts in Telehealth and Audiology
Mark Krumm


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