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A Handbook of Vitiligo and Colour Atlas (2nd Ed.)

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Couverture de l’ouvrage A Handbook of Vitiligo and Colour Atlas

Vitiligo is a long-term condition that causes pale, white patches to develop on the skin due to lack of a chemical called melanin. It can affect any area of the skin, but most commonly occurs on skin exposed to the sun, such as the face, neck and hands (NHS Choices).

This new edition has been fully revised to provide dermatologists with the latest information on the diagnosis and treatment of vitiligo.

Presented with a step by step approach, the book begins with an overview of the condition’s historical background, genetic susceptibility, and psycho-social aspects.

The following sections discuss incidence of vitiligo with disorders of other body systems, aetiology, skin colour, diagnosis, and treatment. Complete chapters are dedicated to chemically induced leukoderma and vitiligo in children. 

The second edition features many new photographs, flowcharts and theories on the cause of vitiligo, as well as new treatment methods including lasers, tattooing, and surgery.

Key points

  • Fully revised, new edition providing latest information on vitiligo
  • Complete chapters dedicated to chemically induced leukoderma and vitiligo in children
  • Second edition features many new photographs, flowcharts, theories and treatment methods
  • Previous edition (9788180611605) published in 2003
  1. Introduction
  2. Historical Background
  3. Clinical Aspects of Vitiligo
  4. Genetic susceptibility in vitiligo and familial aggregation of vitiligo
  5. The Psycho-social Impacts of Vitiligo
  6. Vitiligo with Disorders of Other Systems
  7. Incidence of Vitiligo
  8. Classification
  9. Aetiology of Vitiligo
  10. Colour of the Skin
  11. Hypothesis in the Causation of Vitiligo
  12. Diagnosis and Differential Diagnosis of Vitiligo
  13. Chemically Induced Leukoderma
  14. Investigations for Vitiligo
  15. Treatment of Vitiligo
  16. Recent Knowledge
  17. Vitiligo in Children
  18. Conclusion



Senior Consultant Dermatologist, Rajkamal Chowk, Amravati, Maharashtra, India

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