20 common problems in medical ethics

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Thème de 20 common problems in medical ethics

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One in a series of books about common problems in the primary care setting, this text answers practical questions about how to make ethical choices and balance interests in difficult clinical situations. Topics include advance directives, genetic testing, and treating minors.
Contributors Preface Part 1. Problems in Practice that may be Inconspicuous 1. Inappropriate Requests for Treatments and Tests 2. Inappropriate Requests for Medical Exemptions & Privileges 3. Complementary & Alternative Medicine 4. Compliance and Adherence 5. Preventive Medicine 6. Genetic Testing Part 2. Problems Related to Systems of Care 7.Managed Care 8.Conflicts of Interest and Obligation 9. Consultation and Referral 10. Hospice & Home Care Part 3. Problems Related to the Process of Care 11. Truth Telling 12. Confidentiality 13. Suspected Abuse and Neglect 14. Treating Minors 15. Refusal of Treatment 16. Pain Control 17. Treatment at the End of Life Part 4. Preventive Ethics 18. Competency and Decision Making Capacity 19. Informed Consent 20. Advance Care Planning Resources in Medical Ethics Index