Handbook of statistical methods for engineers and scientists (2nd ed' 98)

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Couverture de l'ouvrage Handbook of statistical methods for engineers and scientists (2nd ed' 98)

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Introduction and use of the handbook. Summarization and interpretation of data. Graphical methods for quality improvement. Probability distributions and statistical inference. Statistical intervals. Selection, fitting, and testing statistical methods. Statistical process control. Acceptance sampling. Analysis and presentation of reliability data. Survey sampling methods. Bayesian analysis. Nonparametric statistics. Computer simulation. Linear regression. Design and analysis of experiments. Multicollinearity in regression. Robust estimation and identifying outliners. Nonlinear regression. Time series analysis. Taguchi methods. Multivariate quality control.
Contributors. Preface.
Part 1: The Fundamentals.
Part 2: Basic Statistical Methods.
Part 3: Intermediate Methods.
Part 4: Advanced Statistical Concepts. Appendix. Name Index. Subject Index.
This handbook covers a broad spectrum of statistical methods at both the intermediate and advanced levels offering how-to procedures to specific engineering and scientific disciplines. New sections include information on additional graphical tools, acceptance sampling, and the use of new computer software.